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Samplitude - Does it really not do this ?

Discussion in 'Samplitude' started by popsych, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. popsych

    popsych Guest

    I have a couple of questions for you seasoned samplitude users. I tried the V8 demo and i definetely getting it, i would like to know however

    1. Does it have OMF import or export- can't seem to find it.
    2. Is the master section not automatable ? ( i know i can route everything to a bus or aux and automate from there but it is much less elegant)
    3. Can you select multiple tracks from the arange window
    4. Why can't you assign the rewind/forward actions to key commands?
    5. Is there a skin builder/coder available. Thanks for your help in advance. This software is great and (trying) getting my head around it will make it EXCELLENT
  2. ghellquist

    ghellquist Member

    I'm a not very seasoned user so I cannot really answer the other questions. But #2 about automation is sort of interesting. I had the same question myself when initially looking at the program. Funnily, I never use automation in Samplitude, it is simply not needed. The object editing does everything automation does, only better for my usage.

  3. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Re: Samplitude - Help

    No- it is suggested to get the Cuibono Soft EDL Convert Pro program which will give you access to OMF, Open TL, AES31, Samplitude/Sequoia, Sonic Solutions, SADiE, Audition/Cool Edit, and a number of other format. http://www.cuibono-soft.com

    It is not- You need to route to a bus and automate there if you need to automate it. Otherwise, I'd suggest doing it at the mastering stage where you can control it much easier.

    In what way? You can select as many objects as you want. Remember Samplitude works best using the object paradigm. Every clip of audio in the VIP can be selected and you can operate on it in just about any way non-destructively.

    Go to the keyboard shortcut menu and check there. I just use the mouse to place the playcursor where I want it. Hitting the numbers can place up to 9 locate points.

    There are a number of users that have coded skins. You can easily customize buttons/workspaces and menu items...

    Hope this helps...

  4. popsych

    popsych Guest

    thx for the tips. The others are not so much of issues. Still wish i could assign key commands to rewind forward. Nevermind. It's worth the trouble :)
  5. popsych

    popsych Guest

    And also. From what i see there is no way to automate aux sends ? Am i right ?

    Who else finds that the automation system is in need of an overhaul
  6. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    You can add to your aux sends in the object editor as a form of automation, but you're right- there is no "traditional" automation on aux sends.

    Yes, I agree the fader-based automation is in need of help- however after getting used to the object-based form of automation, I really cannot work any other way now. Fader automation just seems so cumbersome...

  7. popsych

    popsych Guest

    Yeah , one does not have to excule the other though, and the both combined would be killes. E.g. object based is great for local eqs comps and stuff like that, but a not so good for a long filter sweep in a vsti. Right ?
  8. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily... Where I found the power of effects automation in the object model is when I want to morph from one plugin to another... I don't do anything with midi so I can't comment there, but for audio work, this is the way I'm always working.

    Sometimes, for example, I'll need to go from a portion of a track that needs the AM|Track to fatten the sound- perhaps with a bit of EQ from say my Oxford EQs. From there, I can fade and morph to a track with no compression and the native EQ for a cleaner sound. Try automating that with standard automation techniques- Yeah, it's possible, but this is way easier...

    You can do a long filter sweep by inserting a linear crossfade (shortcut T with the autocrossfade active) and then drawing out the handles to make the fade as long as you want. You've just created a filter sweep...

    I agree that a comprehensive automation package would be a very good thing, but while I'm sure it will be coming, it just isn't here yet.


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