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Samplitude Independence

Discussion in 'Samplitude' started by audiokid, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Anyone with Samplitude Pro using the full version of Independence?

    • 70 GB Premium Sound Library including drums, percussion, acoustics, electric bass, pianos, organs, wind instruments, saxophones, synthesizers, a complete symphony orchestra and lots of other instruments
    • More than 3,000 instruments, arranger, and step sequencer patches

    Independence > Audio Plugins > MAGIX Pro
  2. DigitaLWizarD

    DigitaLWizarD Active Member

    Independence Sampler Workstation - http://pro.magix.com/en/independence/overview.1012.html

    I'm still learning about it...
  3. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Personally speaking, after having used it quite a bit for about 6 months now, I find Independence to be "okay" in terms of sound samples. I wouldn't say that it's the best library I've ever used, but it has served its purpose a time or two in some of my productions.

    Bass guitars are pretty good, but guitars are pretty weak. Analog synths are pretty much par for the course, ( which means good), and percussion loops are what I'd consider to be useable, but nothing special. Pianos are average - at best.

    The drums are, I think, the weakest part of the library. I personally don't find them to be sonically comparable to other dedicated drum libraries/programs, like Superior, BFD, EZ drummer, or, really any of the other dedicated drum sample libraries that are currently out there.

    Strings and Brass are both solid. There are a few brass section samples that I actually dig. It's just that I don't use brass all that much. LOL

    I will say that I do like the option choosing different virtual pre amps and "mic" choices for the instruments.

    I guess I can put it this way: If I had purchased Independence as a standalone / third part VSTi library, I would have been disappointed.

    But, I received the full library as an included feature of Samp Pro X Suite, so I can't really complain - as Independence wasn't my main motivation for getting Samplitude, anyway - it was just a kind of extra icing on the cake. I wasn't looking at it as a deal breaker or a deal maker.

    So in that regard, I rate is as being "okay". There are so many other features of Pro X Suite that I find amazing, so it kind of all "evens out" when I look at it that way. ;)

    IMHO of course.

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