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"SB Audigy 2 ASIO does not support the current sample r

Discussion in 'Recording' started by machina, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. machina

    machina Active Member

    I'm running 2 soundcards.
    1. Echo Mia
    2. Creative Audigy 2 Platinum

    I had been using the Audigy2 for capturing DVD audio using the "What U Hear" feature with Vegas 5.0. I switch between the two cards with the "Audio Properties" applet in the Control Panel. I recently recorded a project using the Echo Mia, and when I switched back to the Audigy2, and I tried to record with Vegas, I got a message saying "The ASIO device SB Audigy 2 ASIO [D000] does not support the current sample rate."
    This is odd since i'm only trying to record in 16-bit/44,100kHz. The Audigy2 should easily support this, but I keep getting the message.
    I opened SoundForge 6.0 and could record with the Audigy2 flawlessly. Is there a setting in Vegas i'm missing? :(
  2. machina

    machina Active Member

    Whoops, I just found my mistake. I changed the sample rate to 48,000kHz and it's working fine. Sorry to waste thread space. :oops:

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