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scarlett 2i4 problems

Discussion in 'Recording' started by venndi, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. venndi

    venndi Active Member


    I bought a scarlett 2i4, I had install the driver for windows.
    When I run the guitar rig, the voice come out with a guitarrig voice (what is good), but in the background (when I play), I hear the clean guitar voice too (for example, the sound, when I plugged my guitar and cable in the computers voicecard). How can I disable this voice?
    And one more thing, the voice of guitar rig came out, just in the headphones, when I plugged in, in the scarlett...The front speakers, what are plugged in stereo amp, and connected with PC soundcard, does not play the guitarrig sound, just the clean.
    I had try everything...in windows sound settings, in guitarrig settings...
    In the guitarrig, when I open the audio an MIDI settings, by driver stay ASIO and washapi, in device I choose the scarlett 2i4. By the driver should not be something "scarlett"?

    Can someone help me? (sorry for bad english, I hope you understand what is the problem)
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    try reading the owners manual.
  3. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    FOcusrite audio interfaces come with direct monitoring, just turn the knob to playback instead of input...
  4. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    Don't use your "PC soundcard" for recording, monitoring or playback of your recorded audio. That's why you bought the Scarlett. To hear the audio, it should be routed to the Scarlett, and the amp/speakers should be plugged into it...not the PC soundcard.

    MIDI settings have little to do with audio, except to choose a timing source. Unless you are using triggered samples as audio in tracks (if you are using MIDI) you won't hear it through the Scarlett. The Scarlett has no MIDI sounds. It has only MIDI functions.

    If you are trying to play guitar along with MIDI tracks, and the MIDI tracks are playing through your computer soundcard, you'll need to externally mix the MIDI tracks from the computer soundcard's "Out" in with the Scarlett tracks. I believe the 2i4 has only two inputs, so routing from the soundcard out into that, and monitoring the MIDI tracks through the Scarlett, may not be possible. You may need a small mixer.

    Anyway, about MIDI, as a timing source. When a song is ONLY MIDI, you'll use "Internal timing" "MIDI timing" or something similar to compose, play back and monitor. But, once you get an audio track in the production, you'll have to set the timing refence to "Audio" in your DAW. MIDI easily follows audio. Audio will have problems trying to follow a MIDI timing reference.

    What I SUSPECT is that you are trying to run your guitar into the Scarlett, and monitoring/playback through your soundcard output. All recorded audio should be routed to the Scarlett, and the amp/speakers should be connected to the Scarlett out, and all audio tracks should be routed to Scarlett outputs 1 and 2, panned accordingly for stereo.

    I suspect you just have all your routing of recording/monitoring/playback all confused. I suspect...if you are using cheezy onboard MIDI sounds from the crappy internal soundcard of your computer, that you will need a small external mixer. Computer soundcard output to two mixer inputs, panned left and right for stereo, and Scarlett outputs 1 and 2 to two more channels of mixer, panned left and right. Stereo output of mixer connected to amp/speakers.

    Check your routing/monitoring/playback paths. Don't try to run into the Scarlett and out of the cheezy computer soundcard, and don't try running audio INTO the cheezy computer soundcard. Also, don't try running audio into both at once (say, two tracks trying to record from computer soundcard to DAW, two tracks trying to record from Scarlett to DAW, simultaneously). It won't work. The clocks that provide the timing reference in the computer and the Scarlett won't sync, and the audio will mess up.

    Anyway...this is just a few things I suspect.

  5. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    Thank you pcrecord and kap.crunch!
    pc record, yes, when I turn on playback, than working. my bad facepalm

    I had make a printscreen pics, so stay my settings...
    1. In guitarrig by device stay scarlett, but by Driver is ASIO and WASAPI, everything works...but I don't know, by driver should be stay, something like scarlett usb 2.0 driver?(it's okay so?)
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    2. I now use sonar x2. In setting I can't click on scarlett, the sonar show the scarlett but is gray, and can't choose it.
    Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül

    3. I had try the reaper DAW, there stay so: Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül
    Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül
    When I insert the guitarrig in the reaper, then there is without "tapedeck, metronome,preset volume..." and no voice came out

    4. Should I all disabled except the scarlett?
    Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül
  6. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    The scarlett is not available because the driver is used by guitarRig. Try to open sonar, put GuitarRig as a plugin on the track and activate realtime effects on the track.
    Or activate share driver in the setting of sonar and try to open GuitarRig after Sonar is opened. Asio drivers are often better for latency.
  7. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    How can I activate the realtime effects? I use a guitarrig as plugin in sonar, but came out no voice, and open without "tapedeck, metronome,preset volume..." what I have mentioned in previous thread, by number"3"
  8. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Activate the record and the realtime processing :
    track.JPG Effects in the effect bin will be done in real time.
  9. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    Thank for you pc record, when I click on input echo "wifi icon", than I hear the guitarrig effects...but when I had play on guitar, there was no voice. After that I have disabled all sond controlls by device manager except the scarlett Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül after this, everything works. This I wrote, if someone have a same problem...

    I have a few more question.
    Here by device Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül I can select on focusrite USB 2.0 audio driver and on the ASIO4all v2. You had say the asio is better, than I can here change too on asio, not only by driver?
    And finally, I have a FLAC audio files, and the FLAC files are the same quality just like the standard 320kbps mp3 files, when I play in my mp3 player(aimp3). By sounds playbeck I have select on 16 bit 96000hz. What is the problem? There must be a big difference in quality or not? (mp3 is 320kbps, flac is 1000-1100kbps)
    On player I make on 96000hz too and 32 bit Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül
    For which should I select here? Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül
  10. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    if you change de type of driver to asio in Sonar, it will see only asio drivers. If you see focusrite there, it meens it has it's own ASIO drivers. (which it should)
    You should setup the audio to 24bit 44khz to start with.. Many are debating whether 96 vs 44khz makes a valuable difference, but 16 to 24bit makes alot of difference on the headroom and noise level.

    There's not point to mix mp3 files at 24bit96khz... The quality won't be better if converted to higher rate ! If you are to record new tracks 24bit44khz is sufficient..
  11. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    Okay, it's clear that I can change the drivers, but how can I change the device? The device is alweys scarlett 2i4 or? and here in guitarrig Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül by device, I can select on "ASIO4all v2" instead of "focusrite USB 2.0 audio driver". What is the difference between "driver" driver and "device" driver (if you know what I mean). When I open guitarrig in sonar, than is irrelevant what have I select in guitarrig, the sonar will work with own settings?
    About mp3. I'm not mean on recordings... I've downloaded flac audio files from the internet, and I've compared the flac and the mp3/320 kbps (same song), and there is no difference in loudness or in quality or anything else.

    So look out my set in sonar, It's good so?
    Untitled11.jpg Untitled12.jpg

    Here in ASIO settings something should I do another?
    Képfeltöltés.hu - korlátlan ingyen tárhely képeidnek, regisztráció nélkül

    Thanks the previous answers :)

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  12. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    Now I have another problem. Everything works fine in first 2 days, then the scarlett started random turning off and turning on (just like when I plug out and in the USB cable), but I do nothing. The problem happens in one hour maybe 1 time, but somtimes more often(yesterday one period was really bad, in every 10 sec make on/off, than I pull out the cable) and sometimes after "off/on" the scarlett think, the USB port is 1.1, then I pull out/in, and again without problem. Later I'm thinking, what makes that, and I remembered, that I bought a RCA cable, to switch my stereo amp with scarlett. When I today use the scarlett, again with my headphone, instead of RCA and amp...the problem not happened.

    The RCA cables I put in "unbalanced" 1 and 2, when I put in 3 and 4 there is no voice. http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/UFh4Di5hJ_Q/maxresdefault.jpg
    What do you think pcrecord? What makes a problem? I first think, the USB cabel, but with headphone works fine. Can the RCA or maybe the stereo AMP make some trouble, extra tension or something else? And with RCA cable, the USB cable is very sensitive, when I just a little touching, the connection is gone. Without RCA, I try a little touching, and nothing happen, it's stable.
    Maybe I should buy 2 RCA->JACK cable, then put in balanced out?
  13. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    Do the unit completely shutdown?
    If so, your USB port does'nt provide enough power.. Try the ones in the back of the Pc.

    Or the unit maybe defective or amp jas a ground problem

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  14. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    I think the scarlett is completely shutdown, when the problem is hapenning, but just for a moment, and immediately came back. I'd say previously...looks like when I pull out the USB and instantly put it back.I think the problem came from my amp, becouse the problem occurs, when I've connected the scarlett and the amp, and yeah, the problem maybe has to do with grounding...Recently we have a problem with the circuit, few days ago our TV was gone, and one incandescent lamp. The TV mechanic say, that the problem cause the circuit, the zero (null) (I don't how say it on english, has the phase 1 and 2, ground, and the zero "0")...

    Can the scarlett go wrong becouse the ground is bad?
    I try in another connector the amp?
  15. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    You should ask an electrician to check your home, electricity is something you don't want to mess with unless you know what you're doing.

    BTW, Units getting power through USB are sentitive to power variations. You might want to buy an uninteruptive power unit (UPS) and see if it helps.
  16. venndi

    venndi Active Member

    Can something like this UPS APC Surge Arrest PH6T3-GR | First Computer Számítástechnikai webáruház , resolve the problem, instead of expensive UPS, if the problem is excess voltage?
    Ohh, and you have not answer on previously question :) . Better that I plug in the "balanced" line output with jack cable , or in unbalanced with RCA? http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/UFh4Di5hJ_Q/maxresdefault.jpg
  17. pcrecord

    pcrecord Don't you want the best recording like I do ? Well-Known Member

    You need something with a battery in it. Something that will switch to battery when the wall power gets too low. Like this : Back-UPS

    The balance cable include 3 cables in it instead of 2. The way it works it's doing some kind of noise cancellation, specially important for long cables.. Both units need to be balance for it to be effective.

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