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sebatron 2000e uprade????

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by billblues, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    how do i know that i will be purchasing a newer version; the following quote was taken from an early post from a user who said he emailed sebatron and this was their reply "The upgraded units feature more gain and refinements. Bottom end response has been tailored . In other words we shaved half a db or so around 120 hz.There’s also an improvement up top around 12khz. The old 2000e review isn’t about the new one….the one that we build now.’ ion".are these older versions still out there????????
  2. Matt_Trix

    Matt_Trix Guest

    I guess Seb can answer this himself, but for what it's worth I've been in touch with him the other day (top guy by the way) and he said he builds each unit to order. So obviously if you order one new now from Seb then it'll be the new design :)

  3. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    unfortunately I placed the order earlier today but it won't be shipping till tomorrow is there possibly a serial number i should be looking for?
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Hi, if you placed the order today then chances are it still hasn't been made. Or, if it is made, I would feel confident Sebatron updates any unit that leaves the factory. If you ordered from a dealer ask them if you are getting old stock.

    Seb may miss this so I'll move this topic to his forum.

  5. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    the order was placed here in the states with sound pure a sebatron distributor.I just got off the phone with todd at sound pure and had him place the order on hold till i can be absolutely certain i get the new version
  6. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    If the dealer has to order it, then it will deffinately be the latest model....... If they had some in stock, then possibly not.
    I'm pretty sure they are built on demand..... at least I know mine was. But US dealers possibly get a bulk shipment to help keep the freight down.

    I'm sure Seb will set the record straight as soon as he sees this.
  7. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    well the thread continues......it was in stock at sound pure and it's on hold...... i'm going back to bed.....ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    That review is almost two years old.
    We made the changes way back in early 2004....

    All units since then are upgaded models.

    Relax and enjoy the tones... :D
  9. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    thanks seb.just got off the phone w/ sound pure and told 'em to go ahead and ship the 2000e.Thanks for everyone's help!Ishould have it by the weekend.That and a matched pair of peluso CEMC6's w/ the omni's.
  10. jtres

    jtres Guest

    sebatron uprade 2000e????

    I purchased the 2000e in November 2004 from Proaudio Toys. It seems funny the Sebatron website for sure did not show this new model at the time. So what's up with that ? How do I tell which one I purchased ?
  11. billblues

    billblues Active Member

    I don't really think much of a mod if any was actually needed unless your driven ribbons and you could still cascade the 2 channels for more gain.I've had my seb for a week or 2 and don't know why i was so concerned.this thing kicks major ass.I haven't gone thru all the eq settings yet and haven't had to!!!I like the fact that there's even more to look foward to.this box is more versatile than i could have imagined.I've actually slowed down on my mic purchases!!!!!!!!

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