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Sebatron vmp2000 + Preamp to Compliment?

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by DJ FADE, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    from what i've read, i'm pretty much sold on a sebatron vmp2000. its hard not having the means by which to demo gear before big purchases, so relying on credible forums like this is my main source of info before making purchases. i'm looking for another quality preamp that would compliment the sebatron, in the same approximate price range. i'll be using mics from audio technica, kel audio, shure, studio projects and a couple others. the style of music is mainly indie type rock/pop, but ideally the preamps to be flexible enough to do acoustic/country/hip hop/etc. the preamps will be used in conjunction with my digi002 console version, and the 4 channels of preamp that are built in to that.

    based on what i've read, i've found lots of great info out on other preamps that work well, but its hard deciding which would compliment the sebatron best, since i don't have the means to hear how they sound first.

    i've been looking into the following:

    -vintech dual 1272
    -grace 101
    -universal audio solo/100 or solo/610
    -groove tubes brick
    -trident s20

    if you have any other questions to ask that may help in suggesting a piece, please ask. any replies are greatly appreciated. thanks!
  2. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    I have a Seb 4000e and a Buzz Audio SSA1.1

    They certainly compliment each other well, but I'm also planning on something Neveish in the near future.
  3. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    i hadn't heard much about the buzz audio gear - i'll definitely look a little further into that. thanks for the reply!
  4. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    Very clean, very fast, very quiet.
    I record classical, brass bands, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, some vocals with it. Great preamp
  5. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I would imagine that anything 'clean,fast and quiet' would be a boon to any recording situation. As it is with this particular question and due to the Seb's ability to put out color in great amounts (as well as clean) it seems that a pre with these clean fast quiet qualities would be just the ticket.
  6. jimbo_baby84

    jimbo_baby84 Guest

    if you're not doing a whole heap of tracking with more than 2 channels, i'd recomend getting a nice stereo ad/da converter (if you don't already have one) instead of another pre. the seb is a pretty versatile unit by all accounts, and you may find you benefit alot more from shifting the conversion duties away from the 002 to something like an apogee rosetta 200 or the like.
  7. evt

    evt Active Member

    I have a Sebatron vmp2000e and a Phoenix Audio DRS-1, and a Safesound P1.

  8. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    i hadn't considered the converter upgrade, does anyone else have opinions on this? any before and after samples of a converter upgrade such as the mentioned apogee? i don't know how great the converters are in the digi002. this could potentially be another thread on its own, but i wouldnt mind hearing some more opinions.
  9. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    You'll get a lot more value out of another good preamp than better ADDA at this stage.
    The 002 converters are not the best, but they are quite adequate.
  10. jimbo_baby84

    jimbo_baby84 Guest

    well i disagree. you can do some amazing stuff when you've got a great stereo signal chain, but as the old saying goes, the chain's only as strong as it's weakest link. sure, a pre-amp will make a more dramatic difference than a converter, but personally, once i had a good versatile stereo pre, i'd be focusing on getting 2 channels of great sounding signal chain, not 4 channels that are average.
  11. Markd102

    Markd102 Well-Known Member

    Well that all depends on how many channels are needed simaltaneuosly.
    If it's only two, then maybe get the Seb and also better A/D.
    But I'm assuming that DJ FADE wants another preamp for more channels.

    That said, a friend of mine runs Indent Music recording studio in Melbourne. Recently he sold his HD3 rig and bought a 2" 16 track and a Trident console.
    He then bought a Digi002R so he can dump to HDD for more tracks etc.
    Then he was able to pick up a stereo Mytek AD unit (which is debateably a step up from Apogee) and he really can't pick that much of a difference.
    And this is on Quested monitors in a professionally treated room.

    So really, the money is better spent on a different flavour of preamp IMO.

  12. DJ FADE

    DJ FADE Guest

    great replies everyone, thank you. i do have to say that a converter would be a longer term investment, being that i only have the factory preamps that are in the digi002 now, and would like to upgrade more solid channels of preamp to use for various situations and styles. also, i'll need the additional channels to track drums.
  13. jimbo_baby84

    jimbo_baby84 Guest

    well, whatever works for ya! i suggested the converter as i was in the same situation as you. i have a 002r and found the pres to be pretty average, but with a good pre i thought it sounded fine. that was until i had 32 channels of 002 a/d conversion layered together, then it started sounding pretty ratty. borrowing a friend's rosetta 200, i used the stock pres and converters where i had to (mainly for drums), and all the overdubs with my nice pre and the stereo a/d, and got a much better sound, with only 4 channels of stock 002 signal, (2 of them only toms anyway) and the other 28 nice pre and nice a/d. as always though, YMMV.
  14. tripnek

    tripnek Active Member

    I have a Seb 2000 and found that the Lagevin preamps by Manley are a great companion at a good price. Plus if you get the DVC is has limiters as well which can come in handy.

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  15. ericzang

    ericzang Active Member

    for clean pres at <$1000, consider the http://www.speck.com mic pre 5.0, John Hardy M-1, or Grace 101.

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