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Sebatron vmp4000e

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Ron.G, May 2, 2003.

  1. Ron.G

    Ron.G Active Member

    Would this pre be good for all my main tracking?
    I don't realy have any high end pre's so this would be my "go to pre".
    any help would be great. I know it's not alot of money to some but for me(baby on the way)I need the most bang for the buck to take my recordings to the next level.

  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    If you haven' already done so, you should read the review of the Sebatron vmp - 4000 at

    That should answer all your questions. I will say this, the vmp - 4000 is a fairly neutral sounding pre at nominal settings, but it has the ability to be daisy chained thereby driven harder, or by use of a 15dB or 30dB pad, again driven harder bringing more tube coloration and attitude into the signal. Added to that ability is the implementation of low frequency boost/ cut switch and a two position bright/air switch to tailor eq. I have found the vmp - 4000 to be a very versatile pre suitable for many applications. In addition, I have not heard one complaint regarding these fine mic pres from anyone who has purchased one. Kurt
  3. Ron.G

    Ron.G Active Member

    Thanks Kurt, I did read your review and it was very good. thats what got me interested in the pre's.
    In the review you described it as warm and fat, I wasn't sure if it would be to much for all my tracking.

    It certainly seems to be just what I'm looking for.
    having the ability of neutral and color is a very cool thing.
    I'm ordering today!
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    A funny thing about that thread, is in that same forum,
    there is a thread asking if a certain pre amp would be a
    good all around, one for all uses, type pre. So when you tell
    these guys about one, they don't want to believe it! They
    are even complaining that the Sebatron is too inexpensive
    to be any good! Some people are never happy. I suspect
    that some of these folks are disgruntled because someone
    has told them there is something better available than
    what they already have. Kurt
  5. Ron.G

    Ron.G Active Member

    Wow! you aren't kidding. lots of skeptics on that forum. I usually check out reviews
    from places I'm formiliar with and even though I'm new here, I feel that Kurt's review
    was not over hyped and seemed very straight forward and honest.

    I'm getting one because of the features it has and the reviews do have some impact,
    but if it doesn't live up to my expectations I can always send it back. they have a good return policy.

    thanks for the link, it's always good to look at both sides.

  6. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    It is my turn to get into the scene Kurt. Just wait.. lol
  7. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    ACB, Thanks but really it's no biggie.. It's no skin
    off my nose either way if they choose to check it out
    or if they want to be closed minded and not. I have
    one and I know it kicks butt! I'm happy. Thanks, Kurt
  8. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    yup, and mine is coming soon. :D
  9. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    where one can order it? I just received an email and ...
    I will wait, seems he is pretty busy. Kurt, will you review torax?
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    You should be able to order on Sebatrons web site.
    Yes, I am slated to recive a "Thorax" soon! I am very
    curious to check it out. I believe it is a complete
    channel strip type pre, preamp, eq and compressor.
    Should be very very cool. mmmm-kay? Kurt
  11. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Cool, dear Uncle!!!!
  12. Bowisc

    Bowisc Active Member

    Yeah Baby! (sorry, got a bit emotional). I placed my order for a 4000e yesterday.

    Gotta mention...
    My MP-2NV came in today... [audio bliss]

    [audio bliss]



    Ok, I'm back. Sorry. It's been a GREAT Saturday for me.

    Kurt, my offer for the 4Ke was accepted! ;)

  13. jslator

    jslator Guest

    You might want to return the MP-2NV. I hear the Sebatron "blows it away".
  14. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member


    I really like the Great River Piece (I just rented it) can you tell me what you like about the RNP and the VTB-1?

    I'm looking into an RNP for a clean pre (to go with my RNC) and how useable is the tube blend of the VTB-1 (do you use it mainly in tube mode, solid state, or blend)

    if you get a minute to let me know how all those pieces compare, that would be cool.

    nice set up..Thanks
  15. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    That's silly J.Slator!

    ....The Sebatron's a mic pre not a gun.

    There are a heap of great mic pres out there and the MP-2NV is definately one of them.

    Mic pres are like windows for sound.
    Each one different.....each one applicable.

    ....If the glass is too clean, it may let in too much sun and burn your eyes. :eek:
  16. jslator

    jslator Guest

    It was supposed to be. It was sarcasm.
  17. It is hard to tell when someone is sarcastic in a written message. I have seen some people use italics to denote when they are being sarcastic.
    Bobby Loux- I have both the RNP and the VTB-1. They are both great mic pres, particularly at the price (VTB-1 is now $129 at many online retailers). If you are going clean the RNP is probably the best, least expensive option. The VTB-1 isn't in the same league as a Universal Audio 2-610, but for the price you can't lose. If you buy a VTB-1 and you are happy with the "dirty" sounds you get, then you have won. If it gets you by until you get a more high-end tube pre (the Sebatron, a Peavey VMP, the soon-coming Studio Projects VTB-2, or even a UA 610) you are still doing alright because the VTB-1 has a good "clean" sound. I will probably always find a use for mine, even if I get another couple of mic pres.
    Another consideration is taking the money you would spend on an RNP and a VTB-1 and using it towards a Peavey or a Sebatron. Depends on your needs and budget, and projected spending.
    Starting to ramble,
  18. Bowisc

    Bowisc Active Member

    Well said, Doc. My sentiments exactly.

    Bobby, I used the Tube Blend once... never did much for me on most material. In full S/S mode, this pre is a a good value for $129. You can crank up the input pretty high, and it isn't very noisey. Tons of features, if that's where you priorities are. Fairly neutral sounding... can be a tad "steril" at times. For me, it doesn't excite me much. As Doc said, it depends on your budget, goals, and what's important to you.

    To me, the RNP has a unique sound. There's an "airiness" to it... but not in terms of a high-frequency "boost"... more like your rooftop is removed and you can reach out into the stars... DI is pretty good. An excellent value for under $500, and is up there (at least to me) with the big-league players.

    If you want clean, maybe save up for a Grace 101 (one channel)... or if you want more channels... check out the Sytek MPX-4aii. Four channels of very "fast" pre-amp... not many features at all, and sounds close to Earthworks 102. You can also have a JFET op-amp upgraded on Channels 3 and 4. Sytek is around $780.

  19. Bowisc

    Bowisc Active Member

  20. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Bowisc and DOC

    thanks for the info. it has been said on this forum that the RNp lacks headroom due to the fact that it doesnt have a monster power supply..Are you finding the headroom is lacking on the RNP?

    My goals are as follows:
    I'm using the 001 and want to add the RNP as my 2 channels of a clean pre for any stereo accoustic guit micing, drum overheads and stereo piano/keys.

    then I'm looking for maybe a single channel Great River or the Vintech dual 72 as I like the in your face fat color of the Neve clones for vocals to go along with my tube mic.

    I already own a dbx 376 and an ART PRO MPA which I might keep around for extra pre's (for drum micing) or just dump em and put the money towards the 4 channel Sebatron or maybe a digimax LT (as I have enough outboard compressors to use on the LT's 8 inserts.

    I'll need no more than 8 to 10 pre's for the drum kit. the RNP for 2 overheads, digimaxLT for remainder of kit...of course the neve clone will give me that color I'm looking for my vocal chain.

    maybe down the road I might upgrade my converters with a nice 2 channel AD/DA I'll use it for drum overheads and any overdubs...but I want to get my pre's situated first.

    thanks for your info

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