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Second hand Sample Libraries

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Multani, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Multani

    Multani Guest

    hi peeps, been a while but i am getting back into the world of DAW recording- but this time i am going for a different approach- soundtracks instead of just band tracks- more personal, and less headaches (hopefully).

    yea anyways, i have seen some sample libraries for heiniously cheap prices (1/10th RRP!) - they seem too good a price not to buy.............

    but i am just scared that they are gonna be like copies of the DVDs- basically im worried that they are sort of "off the back of a lorry" products-

    what do i do about registration etc? they are used by the way- but the weird thing is the guy has 3 of the same software- all used..................sounds fishy. so if they are registered to his computer, will they work on mine??

    i think i might just say what the hell and go for it anyway- the price is so low it wont be that much a loss if eveything goes pearshape. plus he says i can return if im not happy.

    (cheers in advance!)
  2. Multani

    Multani Guest

    haha, a few hours after i posted that all 3 copies had been snatched up. i will be faster next time!

    the library was eastwest gold orchestra for £45 on ebay-

    begins kicking self..............................

    the closest to that you can get is £320
  3. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    I've picked up a couple of libraries on ebay and gotten the original cd/dvd
    E mail the guy first and make sure its not a knock off copy- I got an eastwest string sample library for about $99 that way and it was great.

    Make sure its a brand name though- I've had real bad luck with some off the beaten path libraries on ebay and I wont buy anymore of those. Like some supposedly brass loops I bought- they were just loops from a keyboard, not brass, complete with a real loud audio hum!

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