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setting up cubase to be sync master/slave

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by bluesdudeo, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Hi I'm trying to do what I used to do years ago when I had Cubase and an old atari ST. I want to use cubase for some recorded parts and midi I also want it to trigger my fostex d108 -8 track recorder which has more audio recorded. I want one of them to be the master and the other to be the slave. It would be ideal to have the Fostex to be master as it has a remote footswitch.

    I'm using the fully updated Cubase sx2. If this is still too vague let me know and I'll try to be clearer. Thanks for your time.

  2. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    You can do that...sort of. Maybe. Depends on what is connected, or can be connected, and what you have with the Fostex and in the computer.

    The Fostex as Master will allow Cubase to follow fine with MIDI files, (if you have connections allowing it), but audio may (probably) not sync up well. The Fostex audio may not follow the computer very well, if you only use MTC, etc. And, we don't know how either is connected.

    Two different digital audio devices pretty much need to follow one clock source.

    The Fostex did have optional Timecode/Sync capabilities, with an optional cable, I believe. Does yours have that?

    What is the interface in the computer that you are using with Cubase? We don't know that. How are they connected?

    In the same paragraph, you state "I also want to trigger my fostex...", and then "it would be ideal to have the Fostex to be master...".

    Either way, you need to explain how it's all connected, and what other options you may have lying around. Do you have any external "Timepiece"-type devices?

    Elaborate, please, with more info about your devices and connectivity, and you'll likely get more focused and useful responses. :wink:

  3. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    Fostex D108 and PC are connected by midi via Motu midi express xt
    not really bothered which is Slave or master but Ideally it would be better if the Fostex D108 was the master as I could use a foot-switch remote control

  4. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    I guess I DID overlook your equipment list at the bottom of your post. (Small print :shock: )

    The MOTU2408 Mark2 is apparently capable of Word Clock sync. The Fostex is apparently capable of reading or generating Word Clock IF you have the optional TC/Sync module installed on the back. You could probably sync them up with only those, but you pretty much need Word Clock sync to sync up two digital audio devices to lock in properly.

    MIDI Time Code (MTC) won't lock up audio properly. MIDI will FOLLOW an audio master OK, as long as the sending device is sending MTC. And MIDI Machine Control (MMC) may start and stop one or the other, but two different digital audio devices won't run properly, in sync, with only them.

    Anyone correct me if I'm getting any of this wrong.

    What I think you probably need is that optional TC/Sync gadget to provide this stuff for your Fostex. Even if you get an external Master Word Clock device, you'll still need it for the Fostex to recognize it. If it's there, you should be OK.

    I don't think it will matter, without that device, which is Master or Slave. Neither will probably let digital audio on the other follow properly. Fostex as Master will allow MIDI on the computer to follow fine.

    Is this correct, folks (for the most part?)

  5. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    thanks got sorted peace and Love :)
  6. Kapt.Krunch

    Kapt.Krunch Well-Known Member

    How did you do it?

    May be good to know for those who looked at this thread and got confused by me :shock:


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