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setting up sonar x1 64bit on three storage drives

Discussion in 'Sonar' started by offcenter2005, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. offcenter2005

    offcenter2005 Active Member

    I just upgraded to sonar x1 producer expanded and am wonder what files should go on which drives? I have the ssd c drive for the OS, programs and all vst dll. files, and two 1tb caviar blacks drive D and E. D is for the audio and E for sample libraries. Can someone give me a rundown on how to install specific sonar folders to the right destination for optimal performance? On my last pc i used only one hdd for everything which i know was not the best way to do things but i did get as much out of that system i could for what it was. I didnt install in advanced mode and i should have so maybe i should do a fresh install and redirect certain folders to the right drives but im not sure what to put where. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyother info is needed i will post. Thank you very much.
  2. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    You posted this question a while ago and may have figured it out by now but I'll chip in in case anyone else is wondering.

    Disc 1
    - Select 'Advanced' (custom) Installation, then select 'Full Installation' in the drop down menu on the next screen. This will save you having to check the gazillion boxes. Quickly check you've selected everything. The VS700 stuff at the bottom is irrelevant unless you have the hardware.

    You will then be asked to set installation paths for ever component you're installing. I'd recommend:

    Sonar X1 - Default OS Program Files folder.
    VST plugins (All) - Default Cakewalk Vst plugins folder.
    Midi Loops and Audio - One of your other HD drives.

    Note: The only path you should alter from the default suggestions is the Midi Loops and Audio path.

    Disc 2 - Leave all paths default except the Beatscape Samples path. Put these on one of your other HD drives.

    Disc 3 - leave all paths default except the Dimension Pro Samples which you can place on one of your other HD drives.

    Disc 4 - This will install to the relevant paths in relation to the paths specified during the previous disc installations, so no choices here. By the way, I've no idea where the demo projects go as I didn't install them.

    Once in Sonar, press 'P' on your keyboard to bring up the Preferences window and go to the relevant part and set the path for your audio to be recorded to one of your other HD drives.


  3. offcenter2005

    offcenter2005 Active Member

    Thanks for the help. I have figured it out with the help of these forums. I am in heaven with my new setup. I can really do some massive mixes with my new PC and having the luxury of 3 storage drives compared to the old system with one drive is amazing. My mixes have improved and have not come close to running out of resources. Now that i am not limited I have no complaints. All i need now is another monitor, Sonar x1 almost needs two or more screens because it has a lot going on for just one monitor.
  4. lostindundee

    lostindundee Active Member

    I'm glad you got it sorted. thumb

    Regarding lots going on in the screen in Sonar X1. I prefer to switch back and forth from maximized edit and console views. I very rarely have the Browser open and only use the Inspector when I have to and then hide it again. I get by okay with one monitor. Mind you, if I got used to using two I might not go back to one.


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