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Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by snyderman, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. snyderman

    snyderman Active Member

    Hi All,
    I’d gladly welcome any advice/comments on the following:
    I’m playing/recording 4 shows over the weekend. Would rather hire out the recording chores but our band has now recording budget for these shows.

    The venue is a very live (wood floor) & sm (125 seats, lowish ceiling)concert house.
    We are a tango group playing the music of Astor Piazzolla.
    2 Bandoneons / Accordions
    Piano (7” Steinway )
    Bass (electric / amped upright)
    Small drum set

    Earthworks QTC30’s – matched set
    Rode NT5 - matched set
    3x 414’s
    3x sm 57’s
    Royer 121
    Studio Projects T3

    Millennia media HV-3 (2 channels)
    DigiMAX (8 pre’s)
    Digi 002 (4 pre’s)

    The stage is very tight. My plan was to use the Earthworks in the middle of the front semi-circle (Violin, Bandoneon 1, Bandoneon 2, Cello) & spot the Violin (414) & cello (royer)
    Back row: Pno (2 414’s in XY or ORTIF, inside of near stick at opening), Bass (sm57 on amp), Perc. (NT5’s in XY, sm57 on kick)

    I’m mostly concerned with getting a good piano sound. We have always had difficulty with good piano presence in this space.

    Thanks for your thoughts,
  2. bap

    bap Member

    I can't help - sorry!

    ..but I was curious as to if your venue is Kerrytown in Ann Arbor?
  3. snyderman

    snyderman Active Member


    The venue is indeed Kerrytown Concert House. Nice lively place to play. Tricky to record. How do you know it?
  4. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    I think you will get a much better piano sound with the C-414s above the 2nd and 5th sound hole on the piano's harp. About 6 inches above with the front of the C-414s pointed twords the sound hole. We do a radio show on a really tight stage with lots of reflective surfaces and this seems to work the best on the Steinway. It is a full sound and very little if any hammer noise. Others here may have different opinions.
  5. snyderman

    snyderman Active Member

    Thanks Thomas,
    I'll be trying that tomorrow!
  6. bap

    bap Member

    I went to school in Ann Arbor and have played at Kerrytown many times. I haven't lived there for over 12 years but was there when they bought that lovely Hamburg 7 ft that is probably still there. It was voiced way up and at the time was, in my opinion, too much piano for the space.

    It is a great space for quieter instruments but I found it to be somewhat painful when the volume went beyond a certain point - kind of like listening to an operatic singer singing full out in a small room.

    I can imagine that it would be a difficult space to record in.
  7. Thomas W. Bethel

    Thomas W. Bethel Well-Known Member

    How did the gig go? Inquiring minds want to know.

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