shock mount for AKG C422/426

Discussion in 'Location Recording' started by keenast, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. keenast

    keenast Active Member

    I'm looking for a mount for an AKG 422 - any pointers appreciated. Shaft diameter of the microphone is 33mm.

    Karl Lohninger
    Los Angeles
  2. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    Enhanced Audio m600 is what I my mind, there is no other mount, after hearing that thing...if that one is too much, the mounts from or work..

    but yes..the EA is divine!

    las vegas pro audio is where i got my EA from...

  3. DavidSpearritt

    DavidSpearritt Well-Known Member

    The standard AKG issued shock mount for the 426 is available as we recently had to purchase another.,mynodeid,186,id,66,pid,66,_language,EN.html
  4. FifthCircle

    FifthCircle Well-Known Member

    Couple options if you don't want to pay a substantial sum to mount the mic...

    These work relatively well. proof You need to be careful with your rubber bands to make sure it is mounted evenly, but it does work and I've hung the mic upside down in this mount without concern.

    Option 2:

    Works well, but you can't mount the mic vertically. To remedy this, I grabbed one of these: I use this to change the angle of the mic mount to 90 degrees so that the rubber bands are now vertical as you'd want/expect.

    For those with the Enhanced Audio mount, how do you deal with the need for an actual shockmount. Several of the rooms I work in have stages with a hollow space underneath- makes a real shockmount a necessity.

  5. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    I wonder how long that will be around since they dropped the Axe on the 426..

    Keenast, you can get my standard 426 mount if you want it, since I use the enhanced audio one exclusively now..
  6. keenast

    keenast Active Member

    Thanks everybody for chiming in here, very helpful indeed!


    Karl Lohninger
    audio etc.
    midnight oil films
    Los Angeles
  7. TeddyBullard

    TeddyBullard Guest

    Well, I use a combination of air cushioned stands and have also modified those to have speaker isolation mounts on the feet(hifi products). In situations where there is going to be a lot of vibration, I have found that even though the EA mount isnt a "shock"mount, that it still does a better job of combatting the issue than my other actual a matter of fact, I am buying EAs for all 48 of my microphones, as money permits. They are that good!

    Ben, if you want to use one of them, just for kicks, let me know..I have one on order, but as I dont have any shows for a while(moving back stateside) id gladly let it live in your shop until I get established stateside..

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