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Discussion in 'Compressors / Limiters' started by Zicky, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Zicky

    Zicky Guest

    I'm shopping for a compressor, with a budge of $3000.00, and I wanted to ask my friends some ideas. LA2A, 2-1176, JDK-R22, ADL-1000, Manley Elop....not sure...
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I'm not trying to be a wiseass, but have you ever used a $3000 compressor?

    LA2-A is what it is. It sounds like an LA2-A. Same with the 1176. Maybe a pair of Distressors? Or a DW Fearn? Tube-Tech? Do you want something for individual tracking situations or some thing to strap across the 2-bus? Makes a bit of a difference.
  3. Mohog Audio

    Mohog Audio Active Member

    I am truly not trying to be a wise ass, but I do not understand your post. Were you correcting him? Technically it is a LA-2A but many refer to and type it as La2a(LA2A).

    As far as your question goes, $3000 is a good budget and it really depends on what you want to do with it. I love the La2a, and as great as they sound, they are kind of limited. The distressors are extremely flexible but I feel they lack a little in great stand out tone and distinction. I have not used the DW or Tube-tech personally but have heard good things and the DW has some cool features. it's up towards $4000 though. The 1176 is probably my favorite compressor. IMO the best drum compressor and works amazing on vocals, bass and lots of other sources as well. Not really a 2-bus comp, but if you just want to add some mojo, slap it on the master and compress just a tiny bit on the high peaks and it adds some nice flavor. For a 2-bus comp, I would look at the API 2500 or SSL's 2-bus. If you want a good work horse, I would go with the distressors or a pair of 1176's. You can check out our Mofet76 at Mohog Audio - Home. They are an 1176 Rev F clone with some cool new features including switchable output transformers and input metering. The best part is you can pick up a pair for less then a 2-1176. And this is just My opinion, but if you want a 1176, get UA's 1176LN or Purple's MC77 or go with our MoFET76. I think you will be much happier then with the 2-1176. Hope this helps!

  4. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    I'm just guessin', but what I suspect is that what Unkl Dawg's getting at is this...

    If you don't have experience in recording up to a certain point, chunkin' down big bucks on on a single piece of gear might not be a wise move.

    Often, we see see folks come in here askin' for advise on gear that's high end, and don't have much of a clue about what they're doing beyond getting fleeced by some smarmy sales weasel. This is typically evidenced through the phrasing of the question... which, unfortunately, that phrasing is what I'm also seeing in Zicky's post.

    I mean, when I'm shopping for a new compressor, I have an idea about what I'm lookin' for... e.g. "I need a solid 2-bus glue box." OR "I need a good compressor for Bass and Kik duties." to "My existing brand-x compressor just ain't thrilling me on vox any more... what should I get?"

    My thoughts about compressor selection would include asking the OP about his intended use of said $3000 budget compressor.

    With so many flavor's of glue boxes out there, I can think of about a dozen or so to recommend, but I wouldn't use some of them for certain duties, and others can pull double duties... but not too many that I would recommend as just a general compressor... for that kind of box, I'd point to boxes costing a LOT less.
  5. CoyoteTrax

    CoyoteTrax Well-Known Member

    I agree with this and would think the first thing that needs to be clarified is what applications does he need compression for. Because you can't answer a question like the OP posted with any validity without knowing first what the applications will be. He wants a compressor...but, for what?

    I also agree that with $3k you can buy a number of boxes to fill different duties...very wisely.
  6. Mohog Audio

    Mohog Audio Active Member

    I see what you guys are saying and I totally agree you have to know what the main use and source will be. I do think there are some good work horses out there.

    If it was me trying to build up a studio or a rack of compression here is what I would go with.

    1 MoFET76 or Distressor
    2 DBX 160
    1 FRM audio, RNC

    This will give you 5 channels of compression for around $2500. Little money left over for a decent mic or something. And the Distressor, DBX and RNC are all great work horse compressors all with their own flavor. The MoFET76 or any 1176, IMO just sounds better!
  7. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Yeah I mistyped my dash.....And to Mr Mohog Audio, My question is exactly as the others assumed it to be. Very few people with a 3K budget for a single piece of gear ask about them on audio BB's. My descriptions of a couple of the pieces he listed didnt go into much detail. If you're a person with enough cash to float 3K for a squeezer then you should have some knowledge of what the standard studio issue pieces sound like. Its mostly to find out the Max said.....Individual squeezins? Bus Comps? etc etc.

    Before you go assuming someones attitude ask.....

    Oh, and in your list, you didnt specify which DBX 160. Theres only six or so models.
  8. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    160xt's... outta my cold dead hands, will you EVER get them!

    160a's... meh... I'd give it to ya' rather than take a beatin', that's for sure.

    I'd really like to snag a coupla' Valley People... just for giggles.

    Must say though, the I got a coupla' VC1Q's that do up a bass good and punchy... so I'm not really having to stretch out to my Distressor's for... not even on sub mix.

    You can definitely hear too much with the Distressor's, but they're not an ugly mofo to gas up on a plank or even toms. They'll serve up a kick and snare pretty decently... if you like that flavor of crush.

    The 1176 is a comp I've not played with too much, but I'm quite sure will be on my short list soon.

    The RNC's are definitely a hell of a value for anyone. Especially if you don't have ANY budget for a 2-bus compressor. At least you won't blow up speakers with one. They do a fine job on instruments and vocals.

    Bus and 2-bus is where it get's kinda' stinky...

    LA's, C1's, API, SSL, Fearn, Daking, Nail, STC-8. Massive Passive, ELOP, Culture Vulture, 5043, and Shadow Hills... to run up the price point.

    Do you want flavoring in your squeeze box? Maybe a pinch of plain vanilla?

    Fast iron? Phat iron?

    A little grit with your crunch?

    It's all about what you do, what you don't do and what you can afford not to do....

    Simple as that, right?
  9. Mohog Audio

    Mohog Audio Active Member

    First of all, I was not assuming. I was asking. Secondly, I did not mean any disrespect, I really did not understand your post.

    I completely understand what you guys are saying. I just think it doesn't really matter what the guy has used or not. If he is a home enthusiast that just records a guitar and some vox, one comp might do him just fine. And knowing that a La2a,1176, adl 1000, API 2500, 660 clone or any other of a longer list of high end comps will result with knowledge of use and practice a better end result, who cares what he buys. He was asking about compressors. The idea of these forums is to ask questions. If you really want to read way to much in to it, ask him what converters he has, because having the greatest compressor in the world won't matter if you are going into your creative sound blaster. And I was talking about the 160A. Obviously the SL is out of his price range. He could find the classic 160/161/160x or160xt for a nice price used. I think it is funny that we care about this more then zicky does because he hasn't come back!

    have a good night guys
  10. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member


    Lemme extend an olive branch, mate...

    You're "kinda'" new around here... and may not notice that oft times, folks pop in here that are quite on the newb side, to well aquainted with well outfitted shops... With a site called Recording.Org, you'd really expect this place to be a huge crossroads of folks... and thankfully it really is.

    After hangin' here a few years, you'll find that indeed, folks ask about pushing Neve and API's through a sound blaster... you lern to deal with it, and try to explain to folks that there are indeed "better" ways to spend your hard earned dollars and get into some more modest gear before jumping into the deep end of the pool.

    Another good one is a U87 (to whatever brand of the month is on the cover of Mix) is good to use with a vintage Porta Studio IV...

    You just hope you can discourage some young person from diving in over their head, getting in debt, or spending the folks cash needlessly.

    And quite often, folks will post here, and frankly, forget about it for a week or so, then come back and follow up. So, don't necessarily be too conclusive about Zicky at this point.

    Hell, I posted a reply to a post one time, and the guy didn't reply to it for several months... only to find out that he had been fleeced by some banjo mart type sleezeball and was now selling it all and starting over, after he figured out he got screwed.

    So, please don't judge a book by it's cover, nor should one read a coupla pages in a book and draw the conclusion on the ending.

    And now to go completely off topic... Been looking at your gear for awhile. Looks decently well made.

    Your site says you're adding 2 new products this year..... any hints?
  11. Mohog Audio

    Mohog Audio Active Member

    Hey, I am totally on board with you guys. I said I agreed already. I also now that people leave posts and don't return for a while. Heck, I am guilty of that on a few occasions. I was just saying, or thinking that I found it humorous that we are debating on HOW to answer this persons question and he is not here to give more details. Anyways.......I don't want to hijack the thread but we will be releasing a four channel preamp and an eight channel preamp in the near future. More details will be out soon as they are past the design phase and into the prototype portion of development. Thanks!
  12. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    Well... why not hijack the thread until Zicky comes back to it....

    How would you describe the color of the pre's?

    Any idea on price point, yet?
  13. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    I can use my U87 with my Porta-Studio VI with the optional cassette rewinder mode? C O O L !!!!!
  14. BobRogers

    BobRogers Well-Known Member

    That vintage analog sound!
  15. Mohog Audio

    Mohog Audio Active Member

    They have been hounding me over on the GS forum and I let them in on what is coming. The four channel pre is based on the pre in the 1073(no EQ, just the pre) with some cool features to go along with it. As all our gear, we are trying to make it as affordable as pro audio gear can be and will be between $2,000 and $3,000. Please, do not quote me, but we are hoping not to go over $2,500. Thanks!
  16. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Guys, Don't hyjack. Got a new or different topic, start your own thread. And be careful with the spamming.
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