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Shopping for console, Soundcraft Ghost?

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by coysoundnyc, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. coysoundnyc

    coysoundnyc Guest

    Originally I was thinking S100 Trident than I find that it doesn't have direct out and want be able to handle tracking (not enough bus), Also considered the Tl Audio M3 which does have Direct out but does not enough auxs and ST bus.
    I do not really need much and I rather go for quality (I have even considered Dm 1000 but I used to have an 02R and I think is poo poo).
    I have never used a soundcraft ghost but someone told me it sounds alright and the 24 ch is not so expensive (I can find it used too).
    Please help, I need feedback on the ghost and suggestion on other boards.
    cheers :confused:
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    A Ghost is a very nice console.Its truly the link between the budget mixers and the 'BigBoys'.It has a lot of routing options.The EQ is very good and musical as well as being 'surgical'.The preamps are quiet and clean.I dont find them to be all that exciting,but they certainly dont add any bad artifacts that you'll have to deal with later.They are fairly accurate to the source.
    The Ghost can be purchased with midi muting control or without(the LE version).It is board that can be modified somewhat with really fine results.A search of the web will point out these changes.
    They can be found for as little as $2500 usd to $7000 usd used.

    When you find one, be sure you get it with the LARGE power supply.This will help with the sound and the reliability.
  3. coysoundnyc

    coysoundnyc Guest

    thanks Dave,
    Do you know about crosstalk?
    I mean mackie has a crosstalk that I hated everytime I used it, does yhe gost have the same thing?
    do you have one?

    hej thanks again
  4. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I have a 32 channel Ghost w/midi automation.There is no discernable crosstalk or leakage between channels.I've had it for two years or so....I really like it.That being said, I have a friend who is selling his Sony MXP-3000.If I had the money and the space I'd buy that.It has incredibly low hours and is in like new condition electronically as well as physically.But then I'm an analog guy.I'd love to have ProTools or some other form of computer-based recording medium for editing and small repairs.The idea of being able to fix a blurb here and there of an otherwise superior performance is intriguing.I'm all about 'feel' when it comes to tracks and being able to retain a great feel while fixing a flat note here and there seems to be a tremendous thing to have.But also, having 36 channels of very good sounding pres and EQ as in the Sony is very compelling.Good thing I'm poor right now.The thing is nine feet long and an easy 700lbs.It does have an APR-24 recorder to go with it.This would be my personal ideal set-up.Both Sony pieces and ProTools HD.Those first couple magical analog passes of great tracks dumped right into the digital realm while their at their peak sonic quality........oh yeah.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Wow, the Sony is a cool console...it was designed with an open module system, and you could load it with API Eq's and preamps, also Avalon and fred Forssell make modules for it. Analog plug-ins!

    If I had a working room and the dough, that would be my console of choice too...but I'd load it with Forssell modules (some Class A discrete, others tube).


  6. coysoundnyc

    coysoundnyc Guest

    Dave I am not familiar with the sony at all how much would it cost?
  7. coysoundnyc

    coysoundnyc Guest

    are you also familiar with other MXP models?
  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    This one is a bargain @ $12K.Over $100,000 whan new.It goes to show how gear emphasis has changed.The days of the big beautiful analog console have come and gone.At least for a lot of people. Go to http://www.recordingconsoles.net for a look at many many nice pieces as well as an MXP3000.
  9. coysoundnyc

    coysoundnyc Guest

    I can only afford to dream about it.
    Thanks for the site pretty cool.

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