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should i or shouldn't i, sell three preamps to get 4/8 channel rack mount

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by bobbo, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    I need to consolidate 3 preamps that aren't rack friendly. I have an api 512c, purple biz, and a groove tubes brick. I want to be able to replace those with a one or two space, 4 or 8 channel preamp. what do you recommend. I want to be able to have all my interfaces and $*^t in a 10u case for ease of portability between my three locations I record at. I'll obviously sell what i've got to get something new. so just take my resale value of what i have and that'll be my budget. if i should just stick it out, let me know too. (no tube stuff)

  2. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    You have nice flavours right now but maybe not what you need.

    My advice is: You get what you pay for and generally start looking for something within your budget. Then, you make deciding factors on what the pre's are most praised for and are they suited for your goals. Then, you make a decision.

    Having 4 or 8 in a rack is pretty sweet. You can trust that you are on an equal playing field.
  3. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    I'm thinkin audient, or sytek. Though i am a man that likes my pre colors... so i'm a bit worried. I use these pres for my main $*^t like kick, snare, gtr, vox, bass, for when i'm just over dubbing parts. hmmm.
  4. Boswell

    Boswell Moderator Distinguished Member

    What you have now through using a selection of different pre-amps is acoustic flexibility. If you were to replace these with rack-mount 4 or 8 channels of a single type you would lose this flexibility, although through careful choice, you would still have excellent sound.

    For colour that you are used to, you need look no further than an API 3124+. If you are prepared to go for an open, uncoloured sound, then Audient, Sytek, DAV or many others will suit. I suggest you consider filling 2U rack spaces with 4 channels of 3124+ and 4 channels of one of the others.
  5. Link555

    Link555 Well-Known Member

    You could custom rack your current pres by gutting them and putting them in a new box.....just a thought....
  6. bobbo

    bobbo Active Member

    Yeah, after searching for a few hours i had found a two bay one rack 500 series power supply for 300 bucks. I made a post on the buy/sell forum to see if anyone already had this two channel unit, and see if they wanted to trade for the 6 bay api lunchbox if they were looking to expand.

    I'm at the point though where it looks like i'm going to be getting a sytek with no bb's in it, from all of what i've read online about the sytek, I think i'm going to be really happy to have 4 pretty good pres in a one rack space.

    two things, anyone selling a used sytek (can't find any on ebay), and does anyone have interest in a 6 bay lunchbox, 512c, purple biz, or groove tubes brick?

    I still may just sell the brick and lunchbox to get the two bay rack unit for my 512 and biz, since it'd be pretty much the same price. and still get the sytek and have 6 cool pres taking up two spaces.

    let me know. pm me or email me directly at bobbyleonardii@gmail.com
  7. Paul999

    Paul999 Active Member

    IMO clean pre's are nothing to be scared of. I use a ton of colored gear that is pulled together by a super clean D&R console. I really like recording certain sources clean. On the other hand you'd have a hard time prying my 512c's from my cold dead hands.
  8. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    API 3124 + Focusrite ISA 428 w/ digital converter card. Three spaces....conversion on par with the very best and it does 8 channels ..4 plus the four in the pre... Color and some controlled color with clean and clear.
  9. Paul999

    Paul999 Active Member

    I own the ISA as well and think it is great. Davedog has put an awesome option on the table.

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