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Shouldn't be thinking about it, given Xmas Credit Card

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Todzilla, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    ...but I'm dreaming of a new mixing console.

    Currently, I have a funky hybrid of a ProMix01 with an old Fostex 1/4" 8track R2R sync'ed up with a blackface ADAT. Then I have a bunch of MIDI gear (as many as 24 channels, though never at once) sync'ed up as well.

    I record a lot of one-track at a time, using a Neumann U89 through a Demeter pre-amp, relying infrequently on console for tracking.

    Now I am Jonesing for a console (mostly for mixdown) that can handle 16 recorded tracks and perhaps 16 of MIDI'ed instruments.

    I'd like to spend $2000 or less, so I'm looking at used gear.

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    Yammy 02R - nice ADAT interface, plenty of channels, automation, familiarity with Yammy digital
    Soundcraft Ghost - hard time finding 32 channels for $2K used, but I like what I've heard about this board.

    I'm reluctant to go Mackie 8 bus, as I'm not convinced it is a sufficient upgrade in sound quality from my current setup.

    Whaddy'all think?
  2. Screws

    Screws Active Member

    I'm using an 02R and I like the sound I'm getting very much. If you are used to the eq and compressors on the ProMix01, the 02R's are similar in function but definitely better sounding. Add a TC Electronics UnitY card (basically an M2000 effects unit) and you'll have a ton-o-fun.
  3. Linwood

    Linwood Member

    I using a d8b. Works for me.............
  4. Todzilla

    Todzilla Active Member

    d8b looks cool, but there's no way I could snag one for $2K, unless I found one that "fell off the truck."

    Anybody compared the Ghost to the 02R?

    I know they're different beasts, but some impressions of where each excels would be helpful.


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