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Show your kits mic'd or unmic'd here!!

Discussion in 'Recording' started by stickers, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    I just thought this would make a nice addition to this part of the forums here.
  2. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    I will start. This is my little kit. It's a 1967 ludwig. The champagne gold on the snare drum is a little darker than the rest of the kit but yet it matches the date of the rest of the kit. Anyone know why?

    My dad picked this kit up in the mid 80s at yard sale for $150. I just got it out storage and put new heads on it. It sounding pretty sweet to me.

    Download Here too
    Download Here too
  3. Jeremy

    Jeremy Active Member

    Ok sweet kit, minus the cinderblock :wink: I love those old Jazz kits man, you get a real sweet vintage sound outta those. Ohh and great choice on drum mics, I absolutly love Audix. Cool kit bro.
  4. stickers

    stickers Active Member

    so no one else has a drum kit they'd like to share?

    note to self: sound and rhythm forum is filled with turds
  5. ouzo77

    ouzo77 Active Member

    alright, so here's mine


    unfortunately that day i had to replace my snare with a roland pad, cause it was too loud on stage (although i already was behind glass). and i had such a nice snare sound in my monitors when we did the sound check with my acoustic snare...
  6. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    i'd love to post some pics but i don't know how to get it in the post like above. my avatar is also abit, well, bitty.

    love the vintage luwig gold sparkle. don;t know why the wrap wouldn't match unless they were stored/treated differently.

    i know i tried to match some slingerlands up, all w/black pearloid wrap but it didn't work - different years though.

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