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Shrue sm57...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by sirchick, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    Theres a problem with my mic, when i record there is response from the mic with the green bar going up only when i make the sound into the mic but when i record its a complete noise like when a TV channel stops working and you see a black and white dots everywhere and its makes that hush sound non stop.. no idea why this is .. its just happened out of know where..

    any thoughts?
  2. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    Tell us about your setup. Where do you plug your mic and so forth.
  3. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    Its connected into my m-audio delta 1010lt card.

    It is registering the sound as the green bar on neuendo is moving properly in according to level of sound im playing and when i start stop etc... but the sound back is a continuous same sound. So was wondering if its neundo problem, possibly to do with device setup ?
  4. HansAm

    HansAm Active Member

    As far as i know. The Delta 1010 does not have a mic preamp built in. its a line-level inputthingie. you will have impedance mismatch and some other stuff. making everything FUBAR.
  5. eLeMzMusic

    eLeMzMusic Guest

    I have seen this before in Nuendo 3. I believe it has something to do with computer system and available resources. I close down the session and launch it again, problem goes away...give it a shot if it happens again...if its consistent...take a look at your system resources...perhaps not enough memory, hard drive space..ect..
  6. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    How do i monitor that?

    I got 4 gig memory with a quad core processor.. surely it should be ok.. im using 1024 samples on my delta card giving me 23ms delay if that is of any help cos that i think was the last thing i changed but my mate has the same on a lower spec pc and it was fine.
  7. casper

    casper Guest

    Hans Am has it you need to use a preamp in between the Mic and the Delta 1010. I have the delta66 and thats what I have to do.
  8. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    It's worked before it doesn't need a preamp before it..... cos then i loose my amp's preamp tone which would defeat the point of mic recording for me in the first place..

    I think i got it working though i had the mic in L but recording in R but although it still pickup up sound.. i have no idea where from lol! Most probably a ghost in my room hogging the frequency.
  9. hummel

    hummel Guest

    The Delta 1010lt has two XLR connectors with pre-amps. Plugging a mic into that should be OK. It also has TRS connectors which do not have pre-amps. In order to use a mic on the XLR, you need to switch a hardware jumper on the PCI card from 'line' to 'mic'
  10. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    Umm i don't know if i have done that i wouldn't know how either..
  11. hummel

    hummel Guest

    There are fairly clear instructions in the 1010 manual.
  12. sirchick

    sirchick Active Member

    I know. But im probably not going to change anything unless it stops working again.
  13. TheArchitect

    TheArchitect Active Member

    You ponied up for Nuendo and a quadcore box and you don't know even the most basic of engineering skills?

    Seriously, I think you would do well to invest in a book on the topic end give it several thorough readings. You will benefit greatly in a lot of areas beyond this issue

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