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Shure PG42 USB

Discussion in 'Microphones' started by Har, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Har

    Har Active Member

    Hello guys, could you tell me can I expect better sound quality using Shure PG42 USB for vocals, than this link below?

  2. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    While they're both from the same manufacturer, you're talking a world of difference between the PG 42 & Beta 58. One is a condenser and one is a dynamic microphone. Your PG 42 USB simply plugs into your computer USB input. Whereas a Beta 58 must be plugged into an analog microphone preamp with a analog to digital converter with USB output and/or FireWire. This really depends upon your intended use. And how much versatility you may be planning for. What is your intended use? Are you looking to record an entire band or a single soloist? How immersed do you want to become in your recordings? I'd go with either or both depending on what I was recording. I'd consider a PG 42 USB or even a PG 42 XLR if I wanted the condenser sound but for the best general-purpose applications, I'd always go with the Beta 58/SM58. I love both of those kissing cousins but I'll most often reach for the SM58 considering the fact that I have both and have for over 20 years. When I want a microphone for a singer in a band with a more condensers sounding microphone, I'll choose the Beta 58 since it has one extra higher octave of response along with a hotter/higher output level than a SM58. In many ways, I actually prefer dynamics over condensers. That's because in live applications, the dynamic microphones will never overload whereas the condenser microphones frequently overload the internal electronics with the hot output from their condenser capsules. Then you have to go turn the switch on for the pad on the microphone which ain't practical during a live show. If you're microphone preamp has a pad, that still might not work with the PG 42 XLR version, since that only protects the microphone preamp from overload. The preamp pad is useless if the output from the microphone is overloaded. And for folks asking this kind of question indicates to me, you're not yet ready for that. Go for the 58 and you won't have to worry about those problems. Besides, it's almost impossible to kill any 58 but it's really easy to kill every condenser microphone ever made. They also don't work well in high humidity areas as it will short the electrostatic charge on the capsule. This doesn't happen with dynamic microphones that frequently can survive hurricanes. You won't find any condenser microphone that can do that.

    It's all a SHURE bet whatever you decide upon.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  3. Har

    Har Active Member

    Hello, I'm glad that you're willing to help. So there was a question what do I expect. Actually ONLY VOCALS. Music is already recorded. So right now I have to choose between recording in studio's beta 58a and paying for it around 1000$, or to buy my own stuff and record myself. I have a feeling that I should buy some good stuff around 1000$ and record myself, since I have a place to record and some freaking huge motivation to learn Cubase. So right now I just want to have some answers from people with knowledge about this whole studio stuff. You know... I have no idea what should I buy. I could even go, as you said, with this Shure Beta 58a, but I don't know what do I need more. I've got a laptop without good sound card, so I'm confused what should I buy to have AT LEAST as good quality as in this short sample I gave. That's why I asked about Shure PG42 USB - it's easier to connect with laptop. Anyway I saw some USB mixers, and if you could just help me with this hard decision I'd be glad forever.
    I tried some studio's small diaphram microphones (one even for about 3000$) and they just weren't good for my voice tone. That's why I think I really need to buy some large diaphram mic (if condenser) or exactly as you said Beta.
  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Well, I think you really answered your own question. The 58, should be the one you use for vocals. To make it extra special, stick a foam pop filter on top of your 58 not those lollipop pantyhose things, foam. Put yourself 1 fist distance from the 58. Purchase yourself a Mackie, Onyx series audio interface and it will sound like 1 million bucks or pounds, euros. Whatever. Stop fixating on the SDC or LDC it ain't important. It's hard to realize that the 57/58 is one of the finest recording microphones ever produced/developed. It's really great on absolutely EVERYTHING. All you need is a decent preamp and the Onyx series with their computer interface has them, cheap. Presonus units can be had inexpensively as well and offer a high degree of microphone preamp quality not found in a lot of other units. I'd go with one of those little Apogee units if I was Macintosh-based but I'm not. And all they did was give me lame excuses at Apogee that the reason why they haven't ported over to PCs is because they are a little company with only about 50 people employed. That's not an excuse. Funny how they could come up with one of the world's best converters for Macintosh but can't seem to write the code for PCs. I think it's particularly funny since all mackintoshes today are essentially PCs running Macintosh operating system. So WTF? Tell me they haven't had to write new code for current mackintoshes with Intel processors while the older ones had Motorola processors. I mean I should call up Bob Clearmountain and tell him to yell at his wife, since she owns Apogee. Funny he was the only one I didn't see at the AES this year? I guess he was making money while the rest of us were walking around with nothing to do?

    I might as well still be walking around NYC checking trash cans for some good equipment?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  5. Har

    Har Active Member

    You are very convincing. So I only need Mic (btw. I saw pretty good auction with Shure SM7B, any opinions?) + usb preamp + laptop? I decided to do exactly what you said and buy Shure Beta 58, but there is a problem. I live in country, where I can't find all the stuff that you said about. So right now I need your help, please take a look at this links below and tell me is there any good option between them:

    1. Presonus Mobile interfejs FireWire SUPER CENA!!!! (1952714249) - Aukcje internetowe Allegro (if this is good it would be probably the best option, because it's pretty cheap)

    2. Echo Audiofire 2 interfejs Audio FireWire Warszawa (1952713172) - Aukcje internetowe Allegro

    3. http://allegro.pl/presonus-firestudio-project-interfejs-firewire-i1952714115.html

    and here are two links witout chosen options:

    1. Allegro.pl - aukcje internetowe, bezpieczne zakupy

    2. Allegro.pl - aukcje internetowe, bezpieczne zakupy

    and btw. I'd rather to use USB than FireWire, because I never used FireWire, and I don't even know does it work in my laptop. Sorry for so many questions, but I see that you've got very big knowledge, and this case is probably one of the most important decisions of my life, so I need to be sure what to do.

    What's important I've got no idea is there any kind of recording quality differences between f.e. link 1, and link 3. There is big price difference, but maybe it's because of more sockets or something? I just need something that will do good job according to RECORDING quality (not even stage), and then I can do my job in Cubase.


    I think I found the best solution, and it's:




    Everybody says it's very good microphone for male vocals. What do you think Mr Remy? And what kind of cable do I need? I suppose there is a difference in quality when you have some kind of pro cable? And according to this presonus mobile interface - is this kind of firewire ok?:

  6. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    You're getting closer. You're starting to get the right idea. However, if you don't know what FireWire is? And you don't have a FireWire port on your computer? Then you don't want FireWire interface units. Absolute conformity of computer connections are extremely important. FireWire has typically been used when you need to record 8 or more tracks/channels, simultaneously all at once together. USB 1.1 & 2.0 are much more popular connections on the average laptop PC. I actually just purchased and installed for one of my clients that small affordable Presonus USB device. It's perfectly marvelous working & sounding, easy to use and understand with 2 microphone inputs that also except guitar & electronic keyboard inputs since they are called XLR combo connectors. And a package of excellent multitrack software is included. Their build quality I feel is superior to most others. So it is more professional in quality than most.

    That beautiful SHURE SM 7B, really won't/doesn't sound much different from a Beta 58 which costs less than 1/2 as much as the SM7. So save yourself some money and purchased the Beta 58 or even the more affordable original, SM58 and save yourself another $50 US. Believe me, this is the right choice. In fact it's the same thing I just put together for my client who has 3 Beta 58's and feels his vocals sound much better to him now than on his Rode NT 1's, since I changed him over. You could never get his vocals of sound right on his NT 1's. He even likes his 58's better on his piano than his NT 1's. What's that tell you? Condensers are not always the professional choice to make. The better ones may be but certainly not the lesser expensive ones when you compare it to any version of the 58. The difference between the SM 7 & the Beta 58 is not so much difference in sound quality but in features such as switches which are unnecessary for your purposes. So the Beta 58 is an ideal choice for you.

    So the low cost Presonus USB interface & SHURE SM58/Beta 58 makes wonderful recordings and economical sense. And you still get incredible multitrack software from Presonus which is included with your purchase of the device. So it's a win-win for you spending low low dollars/pounds/euros/marks/pesos/franks/yen or magic beans. Why do you think that studio wanted to charge you $1000 to record your vocal on a 58? It's because they also know that's the microphone to use on you. And that microphone can provide very similar quality to the German-made Neumann U 87 microphone that costs $3300 US while the SM58 is only $100 US. You can virtually use them interchangeably without anybody knowing the difference. In fact, many people will pick out the 58 as sounding better.

    You're getting good at this fast.
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  7. Har

    Har Active Member

    That's funny because you just said about RODE NT, and I am starting to think about buying a Rode K2 microphone... oh dear Mr Remy it's so hard to decide. I need to make a decision 'til tommorow, so right now will just spend some time thinking.

    Actually I've got FireWire connection, so I'll buy PreSonus FireStudio Mobile. So I'm very thankful for this, at least one decision made easily.

    Last thing I need to decide is between these microphones:

    Shure Beta 58a
    Shure SM7B
    Rode K2

    SO HARD!
  8. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    Beta 58, that's easy. K2 is a large diaphragm tube condenser microphone. While it too is nice, there are definite impractical problems utilizing those in general-purpose applications. It's not going to benefit you nor exceed what a Beta 58 can do for you. There is no need to spend the extra money for the SM 7 it's basically a Beta 58 with more expensive clothing and again, is not as handy in general-purpose applications and really sounds no better than a SM58/Beta 58. So why waste the extra money? If you have it to waste and want a large collection of microphones, buy all three. Most of us all better than 24-100 microphones of our own, all different types, all different kinds, all different manufacturers because they all sound different and we want every color in the audible rainbow. Right now you just need to choose one color you like.

    I like shiny aluminum foil ribbons
    Mx. Remy Ann David
  9. Har

    Har Active Member

    Ok, thank you. Beta will be mine microphone.

    Anyway I checked some reviews on websites, and interface Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 is known as better (according to f.e. amazon opinions and some reviews.) than this presonus mobile. I will decide 'til yesterday. REALLY HUGE THANK YOU, you've helped a lot. You are very good person, I wish you best in life!
  10. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Guest

    The Focusrite may be a better choice? They are known for their Neve influences & collaboration with Rupert. But both units are quite fine and the differences I believe are nuance negligible differences. In these similarly priced units, quality levels are similarly subjective. Real differences will be heard when you combine either of these units with classic vintage style old-school transformer coupled microphone preamps such as API 312/512, Neve 1272/3115/1073/1081/33102, John Hardy/Dean Jensen. These particular units will cost you $500 to approximately $3500 per channel. And these don't have any converters so you need to plug them in to either of the units you are considering into their line level inputs, bypassing their internal microphone preamps. And your jaw will drop when you hear that difference as it is huge sounding in its difference. And that's where those units that a SM58/Beta 58 starts to sound like that $3300 German-made 87 even more convincingly than with a modern, transformer less, low cost microphone preamp of $50 per channel.

    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with, musically of course.
    Mx. Remy Ann David

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