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sidechain gate in cubase ??

Discussion in 'Cubase' started by luxeomni, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. luxeomni

    luxeomni Guest

    Ok i want to achieve that : "heres a kick trick, run a 50 hz. oscillator tone thru a gate, with the kick going into the sidechain (key input ) of the gate and dial it up so the kick triggers the gate to open and pass the oscillator signal "
    i ve got my kick track, and my 50 hz sine track, but i cant figure out how to do a sidechain in cubase anyhelp?

  2. eFe

    eFe Active Member

    I'm not a Cubase user but Waves has processors with sidechain. Version 3.5 or 4.0 haves them with a name like "Comp-Gate sc". Yo u just have to pass both signals panned 100% thru a Stereo bus, set the gate to be in Sidechain mode and pick who would be the key. Set the gate and that's it. I have no other plugin that works with sidechain, Waves works OK.
    Wish you luck

  3. stereomaus

    stereomaus Guest

    Gating in Cubase

    :wink: I am far from an expert but if you are running Cubase in the dynamics section ("dyn" at the top of you channel) you should find an autogate to use. This includes a trigger frequency range. In VST 32 you select listen mode and alter frequency as you listen to the track. There is a "predict" setting which is tricky. Let your ears be your guide.



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