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Signal Chain question: Recording Direct into DAW with Guitar Rack Preamp

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by rlm297, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. rlm297

    rlm297 Member

    I'm looking to record without miking an amp or using desktop/software amp modelers. Would this be possible, correct to do this for signal chain:

    Guitar > Guitar Cable > Guitar Rack Preamp (ADA MP1 or Marshall JMP1) > Stereo Cable > Apogee Duet FireWire Interface Line In > MacBook Pro > DAW

    I don't mind about convincing tube tones, just want to make sure whatever tone it provides sounds crystal clear with no hum or line level noise.

    1. Would I need some sort of buffer between the Guitar Rack Preamp and my Interface like a DI box?

    2. What cables are the right kind to go between the Guitar Rack Preamp and the Audio Interface?
  2. bouldersound

    bouldersound Real guitars are for old people. Well-Known Member

    For short distances unbalanced connection may work fine, but gear does vary. I suggest trying it that way first. The Marshall's manual bizarrely doesn't specify if the emulated outputs are balanced or not. The ADA's manual specifies theirs as unbalanced. The 1/4" inputs of the Duet are unbalanced. Either pre could be connected right to those. If hum and buzz are a problem then get a pair of good DIs or consider building cables to interface the (presumably) unbalanced outputs to the XLR inputs.

    If you want to try the custom cable route read this page: Sound System Interconnection

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