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Signal Flow

Discussion in 'Recording' started by gilligan204, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. gilligan204

    gilligan204 Guest

    I just picked up a new console for myself, a Soundcraft 2400 split, very sexy. Anyhow I have been having issues with signal flow, this is the setup, in my head it works, but for some reason I can t seem to get signal, Keep in mind I tested the connections with a cable tester and white noise,

    02 elco snakes (1-8) and (9-16) , Leave the board the first 8 go into a xlr to 1é4 balanced snake (the elcos are XLR only) the first 8 go to PT Digi 002, and return on a different snake. The second 8 go elco to xlr to snake (xlr - 14 ) into a Berginher ultran gain mic pre , into the 1/4 lines ,and then optical in and out into the Digi 002 , then the outs of the bergher and plugged back into the returns on the elco snake.

    I can get signal back thru the berhger thru the optical, but not in, and I cant get anything thru the 1/4 ins and outs.

    In my head once again, this makes sense, but for some reason, it dont work.

    Did I overlook something,

    I was thinking I would pull everything out , and try the whole wiring again and see what happens.

    thanks for any help you can give


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