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Signal splitter

Discussion in 'DIY Pro Audio Forum' started by Magnus johansson, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. Hi guys! Long time no see... Have had a hard time at home but now i think its gettin better.

    I want to do some live recordings with my cover band and then I have to split about 16 signals to both PA and REC equipment.
    Is there a cheap way to do that cause our budget cant afford to buy that much of them. I was thinking of some kind of OP buffers or something like that. Any suggestions?? Or is there any schemmos out there that I have missed (probably tons of them)
    Suggestions are welcome.

    Cheers Magnus
  2. Kev

    Kev Guest

    The Y cord is about as budget as you can get. I have done many recordings this way.
  3. krisbelaen

    krisbelaen Guest

    And now we're on this topic: How to do it the pro way?
    Any suggestions, trafo's, schematics ?
  4. Kev

    Kev Guest

    For the transformer approach have a look at the Jensen site for some application notes abnd schematics.

    For the Broadcast approach it might be some thing like a Mic to Line ampsd with multiple buffered outputs.
    A Mic to Line amp and then into a DA (Distribution Amplifier)
    Some distribution amps have one trim pot and some have a trim per output.

    A DIY version may be something like an SSM2019 chip into multiple SSM2142 output chips.

    The issue will be that the Front of House desk could be more suited to Mic input rather than 16 line inputs. If you own the PA rig this sort of thing gets easier to control but where you have to deal with inhouse systems you have to take your own problem solvers as every venue is different

    Another problem could be that the Mics are already split to the monitor(foldback) desk and the FOH desk.
  5. Hi Kev and thanks for your fast response...So its ok tho just solder a Y cable that feeds both micpres of the recorder and the PA rig? I thougt it would be some problems with this, like if you changes gain on the first you have to compensate on the second, but that a quick solution.

    I am going to build a box with 16 mic pres and splitter ( finaly mowed inside the computer AHHHH)inside but that will take a while so I have to try something fast at first.

    Since I dont have that kind of expencive board you where mention I want to split the signal into 2 mic signals, is this just possible with a transormer solution?

  6. BOVOX

    BOVOX Guest

    Hej Magnus, since your in Sweden,try to look
    at the Lundahl; LL1570,1571 or 1527, they
    will work out fine. But of course they are
    not as cheap as wire...
  7. Bo Hansén

    Bo Hansén Active Member

    Audio company
    Home Page:
    Hi Magnus,

    A good mic.splitt transformer for recording use are Lundahl LL-1581XL with resonable price here in Sweden, I have use this in a lot of mic.splitting system for the broadcast industies.

    Ok, there are a smaller and more inexpensive type LL-1583 that also have good specs. but of course it have not same level durability as LL-1581XL.

    BTW, The absolute most inexpensive transformer spli-box I know is LEEM MS-302 for only SKR 280:-inkl.moms, and I think it is ok for PA and semi-pro recording use, and you can find it in some music store here in Sweden.

  8. AudioJohn

    AudioJohn Active Member

    Audio Engineer
    Exeter UK
    Home Page:
    A company in the UK - Orchid Electronics - market an excellent transformer splitter. Have a look at their Web site:

    ww.orchid-electronics.co.uk for more information.

    It costs 210UKP for 8 in 8+8 out housed in a 2U rack case.
  9. gyraf

    gyraf Guest

    Hi Magnus,

    Welcome back!

    "Monacor" has a transformer (LTR110) 1ct:1ct+0.5 at low price. The two ct's can be used to link phantom power. Take your split from the 0.5 winding.

    Not a highest-quality solution, but at around 1/10 of the cost of the "real" stuff.

    Jakob E.
  10. spratz

    spratz Guest

    I have a 1U four channel transformer isolated mic splitter (Horizon MS-4) for sale. Contact me if you might be interested.

  11. Bo Hansén

    Bo Hansén Active Member

    Audio company
    Home Page:

    I forget two transformer alternative for you.

    OEP 1+1:1+1 with 150 ohms or 600 ohms individual windings

    This is a nice low price universal transformers that you can configuration in lot of ways.

    You can buy the transformers from RS-components phone in Sweden: 08-445 89 00, the order number is: 210-6431 (150 ohms windings) and 210-6447 (600 ohms windings) both types aprox. SKR 135:- exkl.moms and freigh.

    (There are also a other usable typ with 1+1:2+2, 150+150 to 600+600) order number: 210-6419)

  12. ...and don't forget you can hire the good stuff! If you're talking about the occasional Event, get friendly with a decent sound company and see what they would charge. At the company I work for, we have a 6-channel EMO transformer splitter that hardly ever gets used; stuff like that we'd quite happily hire to friends for a bottle of wine as long as we don't need it! Shame you're not in London!

  13. Kev

    Kev Guest

    An XL3 female and two XL males. A piece of cable and some solder.

    Try it and see what happens. Experiment with ground lifting if you have HUM trouble. I never have. Sure, I have always use Kev-Mic-pres. I mostly draw mains power from the same place as the FOH desk.

    If it doesn't work you have some spare XL3 males and females.

    You said budget. ;)
  14. Thanks to all of you guys!

    Going to start with Y cables for a fast test just to get started but later on Ill buy transformers.

    I shall build several mic pres to my DAW so Ill put the transformers in there so I am ready to use the rigg live.

    Thanks again / Magnus
  15. toneyr

    toneyr Guest

    From my research, the best splitter is the active buffered output approach. Most of these amplify the signal to line level, but there is no theoretical reason they couldn't output at unity gain. The Y adapter and the transformer will give you problems if the load impedance of each of the 2 consoles is not matched pretty closely.

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