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  1. I've been setting up small PA's for years and have used many diff types of setups, from non powered mixer with powerd speakers, to powered mixers with passive speakers yada yada, but...

    The PA I currently use is a Peavey XR8600 powered mixer, with a set of SP3 Mains. The PA is 1200 watts at 4 Ohms. 2 seperate amps so 600 watts each side. Typically I've always used 2 Powered mixers, one for FOH and one for monitering. I just use this head for my acoustic gigs and I'm tired of dragging 2 of them around and setting them up.

    From now on I'm planning on just taking the one head and using one side for mains and one side for Moniters.
    My question is...Since there is only one output for each side, do I go into one speaker, then out of that speaker into the other one. I know it will work like that, but is good for the speakers, or the head. I really know know much at all about Ohms and such. I don't want to overheat my amp.
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    Yes, that should work fine.

    Since they will be taking twice the current, I would use heavy-duty cables with Speakon connectors to go from the XR8600 main output to the first SP3, and then a standard speaker jack cable to daisy-chain on to the second SP3. The combined speaker load will then be 4 Ohms nominal (two 8-Ohm speakers in parallel), which the XR8600 can drive up to 600W. Use similar cabling for the stage monitors.

    You will need to depress the recessed main/monitor switch on the XR8600 front panel to configure the unit for separate main and monitor outputs.
  3. Thanks Boswell,

    I appreciate the info. I just really don't want to burn up a $500 PA. I'll go get the Speakon cable before my next gig.
  4. Boswell

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    Good luck.

    What type of foldback monitors do you use?
  5. I use a set of 12" kustom moniters
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    OK, what impedance are they?
  7. Boswell

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    Fine. Two of those in parallel can be driven from the other (monitor) output of the XR8600.
  8. Ran that setup last night and worked well. It was nice to have our own seperate mix in the moniters without dragging out another head.

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