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so who wants to critique??? Anyone???

Discussion in 'Recording' started by droc8705, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. droc8705

    droc8705 Active Member

    i've been reading these forums for a while now, and i don't wanna sound like they're not useful cuz they definitely are, but i wanted to post something i recorded so that i could get advice on what I'M doing right and/or wrong in my recordings, as opposed to learning from someone else's mistakes or successes.

    here's my set up:
    Presonus Firepod
    12" Mac G4 Powerbook
    Garageband 2

    On this track i used 5 mics on the drums: some cheap cads (can't recall the name, sorry!!!) for overheads, AT2020 on hihat, SM57 on snare, and D112 on kick. for guitars i used the 57 again and i d/i-ed the bass from my bass player's head. I just bought Logic Express, but haven't really had the chance to get into it that much, so i tracked in garageband.

    my question is, given the gear listed above, did i do ok? how can i improve the sound of my recordings? anything would be helpful and i thank you guys and gals in advance.


    click the link below for the track called "untitled."

  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    This needs to be posted in the Audio Projects section for critique and discussion of the sounds. I'm surprised that having "been reading these forums for a while" you didnt know that.

    Please repost there and scrub this post here.
  3. droc8705

    droc8705 Active Member

    my bad, i didn't even think about that. it won't let me delete it from here though cuz i'm not the board admin or forum moderator, but i'll repost it right now in Audio Projects.


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