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    I did a search but came up with nada.

    I'm looking for software that will recreate the sounds of acoustic instruments reasonably well. What I'm after is something where there was a microphone, a player, and a studio involved in creating it. I'd want it to include electric bass for sure.

    The same idea for drums would be great.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks all.

    FYI, I run Cubase SL3 on a 3GHz PC.
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    :lol: :lol:
  3. Opus2000

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    Several flavors here...

    Wizoo makes Virtual Bassist which IMHO is very very nice! All sounds are recorded samples from a real player with several styles and parts to choose and play with.

    They also make Virtual Guitarist. Again, all recorded samples from a real player!

    These are actually made for Steinberg and they sell them..

    For drums one thing that I use isn't software but is really cool. Discrete Drums Set 1 and 2. Real drummer that recorded several styles. With these sets you have Intro's, Fills, Chorus', Verses and you get to place them where and when you want. Each style has it's own BPM. Very well recorded too.

    There's also BFD- I haven't played with them but from what I have heard they are pretty damn cool.

    Wizoo also makes Darbuka and Latigo. World percussion! Again, all recorded samples.


    Hope that helps!

    I use most of these and love the flexibility of them!

    Opus :D
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    Opus, many thanks.
    Very helpful, I'll check those links.

    Gorilla dude: Oh ya caught that one eh? I figured I could go into long explainations of the semantics of what is acoustic and what isn't, but I didn't think it necessary, considering the audience. Apparently more detail is warranted next time.

    Obviously I meant an acoustic recording of the instrument in question, as opposed to a synthetic re-creation.

    Yeeeeesh, how anal do we have to be? :roll:

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    yeeeesh..... how many smileys do i have to apply to make people realize that?? :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Im sure that your intensions were good and all but you have to understand most of your postings seems rather harsh and rude and not helpful in any way...

    Maybe English isn't your best language and you still need to understand how to come across as more helpful..You seem to be very arrogant in the way you type out your responses...

    Just remember that even with a smiley emoticon words can come across differently than you expect.

    Just think before you post, ok?

    Opus :D
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    edited for harsh language by the author....

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