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Somebody help!!

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by Nikita, May 14, 2007.

  1. Nikita

    Nikita Guest

    Somebody help!!
    I whant to know - Who (now) best sound director in the world?
    I whant listen you :!: :!: :!:
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    I cant tell you!!!! It would only be an opinion!!! Google for the NAMES OF THE ONES YOU LIKE!!!!!!!!

    Learn to at least type in English.
  3. drumist69

    drumist69 Active Member

    At least he tried! I like Ethan Johns, Andy Wallace, Butch Vig, and whoever does Tori Amos' stuff lately. Current fav's anyway! Andy

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