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Sonar 3 Tutorial--Advice on Advanced Topics

Discussion in 'Sonar' started by clarkmurray, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. clarkmurray

    clarkmurray Guest

    About 9 months ago some of you on this board helped me make "Sonar--Swift & Deep", my screen video tutorial, a success by providing useful advice when I was creating it. Now I'm nearing the release of its successor, "Sonar 3--Know It All !", and I'm again asking for advice. This time I'm including a "What's New" and an "Advanced Topics" section. Being part of the Cakewalk beta group I know what's new, but I'm looking for ideas on advanced topics (for Sonar in general--not just new to Sonar 3). Here are some of the suggestions I've had so far: Rewire, Control Surfaces, VSampler, Enhanced Mixing Console, DXi & VST Synthesizers, Video, CAL, System Exclusive. Any and all input is much appreciated.
  2. falkon2

    falkon2 Well-Known Member

    Selective drum retriggering with Drumagog for drum tracks with lots of bleed - put Drumagog in an aux, then send the track to the aux (mute the normal output) and use the aux-send envelope to squelch bleed, and boost up ghost notes that SHOULD retrigger.

    The boost for ghost notes is countered by an envelope controlling the output volume momentarily in the Drumagog track.

    Don't know how useful that is to others, but that tactic has made me a very happy person with some snare tracks that had a LOT of kick and hihat bleed - gating against the kick made a lot of ghost notes disappear completely.

    I'd like to see some tutorials covering some really creative uses on envelopes on midi-synthed tracks. DXi-based violin solo sounds bland? Put some wheel envelopes in the midi track and some volume envelopes on the DXi - get some glissando, vibrato and expression in there and it really sounds a lot better.
  3. laptoppop

    laptoppop Guest

    Be sure to cover the new busing structure - and how to route signals around to make mixing easier, and to apply effects/eq across the final main bus, and to save CPU by sending common effects like reverb to a bus.

    Also, I'd recommend you cover how to render/bounce tracks and archive tracks to save CPU on effects.

    You might want to cover using Sonar with a UAD-1 and/or Powercore - both are very popular.

  4. falkon2

    falkon2 Well-Known Member

    Hey, yeah that reminds me... Does the off-line processing in SONAR3 do what I think it does? (as in, saves us the hassle of manually bouncing and organizing tracks to save CPU power)
  5. laptoppop

    laptoppop Guest

    From what I've read on the Cakewalk boards....no. :( What they are touting as offline processing is the same bounce to track/archive/hide multi-step solution that's been there for a long time. Oh well - maybe 3.1!


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