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sonar platinum, Windows 10 , Motu 424pci and pcix

Discussion in 'Sonar' started by Guelph_Guy, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    Upgraded to windows 10 last weekend, all motu drivers are working fine, no issues with Sonar, All is good...

    I posted up as I see people are concerned about the lack of drivers for the PCI424 card and windows 10

    Anyhow that's my experience

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  2. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Thanks for posting your scenario.

    These kinds of reports are very useful to those who might be having similar questions, or difficulties, and who may be doing an internet search on the subject.

    I'd like to see more reports like this.

    Thanks again. ;)
  3. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    So just to let others know, in windows 10, if you go to MOTI and download the latest drivers for windows ...even though 10 does not appear to be supported if you run the install, everything goes in fine. No issues with prompts saying it's an unsupported operation system etch ...I now have 3systems migrated to Windows 10 from windows 7 sp1

    So the platforms they were installed on:

    HP elite 8200 Intel I-5 /3.3GHz/32 Gig of memory /Samsung 850 EVO 500 gig ssd(OS)/Western Digital 1TB 7200 rpm HD(files) NVIDIA Quadra NVS 450 quad port video card.

    HP Elite 8000 Intel q9650 3GHz/16Gig of memory/Samsung 850EVO 250Gig sad/Western Digital 1TB HD 7200 rpm NVIDIA Quadra NVS 450

    And a 3rd HP elite same as above.

    The first 2 were win 10 upgrades over windows 7 sp1

    The 3rd was a fresh install from the ground up...

  4. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    I have both versions of the Motu card PCI424e and PCI424x no issues....
  5. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    What edition of Windows 10 are you running (Home, Pro, Enterprise)?
  6. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    Running Window 10 Pro.. So far so good, pretty snappy on an SSD drive... Appears quicker to load then 8.1 (same machine and same brand sad)

    I have 3 systems up on Intel, platforms and 1 system up on an AMD Platform right now..(Asus motherboard).. goes in flawless,

    I would recommend that you have all of the patches/updates and associated sound drivers loaded for Windows 7 Sp1 prior to doing the upgrade.
    (this is from personal experience , your mileage may vary).. I would also recommend you stay with conventional name brand hardware..or at least hardware that's pretty popular.. If you have some weird piece of hardware and a specialized driver, there is a very good possibility it may be unsupported..make sure you check with your product manufacturer so your "enthusiasm" doesn't turn into WTF ...after you upgrade !

    As for hardware, I've tried a bunch over the years Dell, HP , Lenovo/IBM .. and pretty much have gone through a number of enthusiasts boards and video cards and disk drives... Personally (as in what I do), It's easier/and cheaper to pick up a used HP 8200 Elite (paid 125.00 for the last one) off the used boards and do some upgrades to it..(usually memory and an SSD)

    If I was going to source another workstation (PC based) I'd probably be hunting a used HP z800 series (8-12 cores).. Of course you won't find these for 125.00 lol. Now, It probably will not compete against a "full on " custom D A W workstation ... but I'm never beyond 24 tracks and have a lot of hardware synth /sampler gear.So a lot of the processing gets off loaded to external gear..

    The only reason I have all these systems up (outside of the studio computers), is that I teach the Microsoft Engineering Certification.. (MCSE) ...

    I've got all my servers /Storage area network to update next ...!!!

    I've never really had any real problems with Windows from Windows 2000 forward..(never ran me, vista) ...

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  7. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    Being from Guelph is cool enough to begin with - but adding those credentials ... well, IMO, you're a good guy to have around here. ;)
  8. Guelph_Guy

    Guelph_Guy Active Member

    Well.. ironically I'm more of an enterprise server guy, However, if somebody asked me to fix there MS Office I'm pretty useless LOL..

    I'm more in the backend then the front end... but if it's data services , business continuity, file and print management , security patching and upgrading on the server side I'm probably your guy lol...

    (I do maintain my neighbor's network .... that gets me rounds at the local golf course...)...

    Good to see you online Donny !
  9. DonnyThompson

    DonnyThompson Distinguished Member

    I was just mentioning your skills in general - because we like having smart people around here. ;)

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