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Sonar vs Nuendo

Discussion in 'Nuendo' started by capitancarajo, May 15, 2001.

  1. Some days ago I had the chance to try this new product from Cakewalk, which includes very good features. Like many of you, I've been looking for the app that makes it all, or at least 'almost'. I tried Samplitude (excellent sound and editing features), Sonar and Nuendo. Finally I stayed with Nuendo, the coolest one, but miss one thing from Sonar, which is the ability to draw loop clips and matching them at the current tempo, like Acid does. I know I still could use Acid but hate to switch between programs every time. I don't know much about Steinberg's ReCycle but guess maybe could be integrated into Nuendo for achieving this ability. Just wanted to write this as a question to the users at this forum and also as an item for a wishlist to Nuendo.
    Any help will be appreciated
  2. K tal Capi!

    Una sola cosa: Nuendo es fabuloso en casi todo... menos en la edición MIDI.

    Sonar es la evolución de Cakewalk y por lo tanto machaca literalmente a Nuendo en MIDI.

    Por lo demás... para gustos se hicieron los colores.

    Paz, amor y Música para todo el mundo :)
  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Can we have the english version of that please!!!!
    Capi...it's hard to compare those two programs to be honest..Nuendo is far ahead of that and I'm sure if you sit down and be creative you can come up with a way to do the loop based editing. It can be done, as I said I use Reason in the background with Nuendo using the Rewire protocol and it's like having Acid(but much more flexible and more fun to use as well) running with it.
    Comparing Sonar with Nuendo is like comparing a BB gun to a Howitzer!! You cant, they're too different.
  4. sturgis58

    sturgis58 Guest

    Originally posted by Opus2000:

    Comparing Sonar with Nuendo is like comparing a BB gun to a Howitzer!! You cant, they're too different.

    Well....I know some of you are fully aware of the trials and tribulations I suffered at the hands of the evil Sonar. Having switched, mercifully, to Nuendo, I am now a productive member of recording society again. Nuendo, while no slouch in the learning curve department, was fully functional upon installation, and whatever bugs there are, I haven't been impeded by them. In fact, if it weren't for reading the "official" Nuendo users forum, I wouldn't even be aware of these so called bugs.
    I don't really want to expound on my hatred of Sonar here, as it serves no purpose to wallow in the past. I will give warning to any fellow forum lurkers to heed my advice, and steer clear of Sonar, and try Nuendo instead. You will thank me.... :D
  5. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    I'll have to agree with the frustration level of Sonar...I havent tried it but I do have a copy of it but was deterred by the many users of it and there issues that never seemed to end...how can a software manufacturer expect to get anywhere when they put out a product that crashes or wont allow you to record all the inputs you need!! I give Cakewalk another year before they go down!!
  6. mark

    mark Guest

    Wow! I just tried Sonar briefly, and was marvelling at how easy it was! Of course, I'm happy with Nuendo, but I wanted to see what Sonar was like. I was making music in minutes.

    Can y'all please tell me some of your specific problems that you had with Sonar? Maybe it'll keep me from poking my nose where I shouldn't be!

  7. sturgis58

    sturgis58 Guest

    Hey Mark ;)
  8. Hi all. Talking about Sonar and Nuendo being too different... I would say they offer very similar overall features like these new DX instruments Sonar includes, which BTW are crap if we compare them with VST instruments.
    Yes, Sonar is easy... but Nuendo is simply BETTER (and easier too). If Sonar is better in MIDI, you can have enough MIDI in Nuendo and if you want more (even more than Sonar), use Cubase and export the whole project to Nuendo.
    Sonar seems cool because it tries to make it all, but crashes and consumes much more CPU than Nuendo or Cubase.
    Talking about loop drawing, Nuendo users can import rex files from ReCycle and make loops match tempo changes... BUT :(
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