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Songwriters question

Discussion in 'Studio Lounge' started by Brock, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. Brock

    Brock Guest

    I know that years ago you use to be able to go by or mail your songs to music companies to be heard but today you can"t do that anymore so here is my question.
    I"m not into performing, what I do is write music to be recorded by other people. Yes I do play guitar, bass, drums, keyboard and I do my own vocals and record all my own stuff as an idea for someone else to record.
    How do you go about contacting companies for something like this. I don"t want a recording contract, I just want to write for other people. How do you get heard?
  2. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    you could get a list of publishers ... I'm sure there are plenty in the USA, some do take unsolicitored music but it's alway worth a call to them first and ask for a name to put on the package .. (for the attention of) etc.
    In the Uk I am able to buy MPA's ( music publishing association) and this indicates all it's members and styles of music and if they're accepting unsolicitored music. I don't know if you have and equivelant in the USA. It's a tough business . I've sent many songs over years and had no success. I have tried plenty of ways. I send a 3 song cd with my details and a clear lyric booklet. in a dvd box. Looks good at least.My e mail address is bluesdudeo1@btinternet.com let me know if you find anything. I will get a spare copy of mpa's book when it comes out in april and post it to you. .... worth a shot.
    Good luck dude .. its the journey not the destination.
  3. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member

    :roll: sorry I double posted
  4. majorlabel

    majorlabel Guest

    placing your songs

    Another suggestion is you might try shopping your material to recording studios. I work with a music publisher who at least twice a week will come into the studio and play material that I might want to use for some of the recording artists who need songs. I am always on the lookout for GOOD SONGS for my artists that need to record demos or albums.

    some caveats though, you must be willing to make the material affordable to the unknown artists and studios, and there are no guarantees that your material will receive airplay or royalties...then again, you never know !

    Col. Darryl Harrelson
  5. bluesdudeo

    bluesdudeo Active Member


    this address will take you through to the Music Publishers Association of the USA. It gives you a complete listing of everyone publishing music world wide. good luck dude.
  6. OJG

    OJG Guest

    When you sell your CD (or put just a few songs for uploading) with cdbaby.com - they give you your own space on their servers. You can write exactly what it is that you are doing (writing for others) genres etc'. This is one place where you can get some good exposure.

  7. dpianomn

    dpianomn Guest

    there's a book called "songwriters market" that is updated each year. you can find it at just about any major bookstore--this would be a good reference for you!

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