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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by patricia, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. patricia

    patricia Guest

    i am trying to locate a schematic for the sontec mep 250-c stereo eq.
    i have looked every place i can think of. do any of you have an idea where i can find one?[/list]
  2. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Look up "SSL Tech" which is Keith.

    He is a master repairman and most likely has the schematic.

    He can be found in a google search or at psw.
  3. Reggie

    Reggie Well-Known Member

    You may find something useful here:

    There is a goofy hand drawn schematic, but it is small and a bit hard to make out. Looking to build one? I'm trying to talk myself into it...
  4. patricia

    patricia Guest

    thanks for the info - i actually have one that i am trying to either clean the cut/boost pots on or just replace them. they are the really dirty and exercising seems to do little. the problem lies in finding the right pots. this is where a schematic would help i think.
  5. dcollins

    dcollins Guest

    To my knowedge, no one has the complete schema for the 250 -- that goofy one is from Sontec.

    Unless you build it with HS-1000 opamps it's not a Sontec. It may very well be a nice eq, but never the same.

    Have you tried some contact cleaner in the switches? They may be toast, but replaceable.


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