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sound forge 9 in sonar 8 PE

Discussion in 'Sonar' started by ferchis, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    I'm drawing a blank here...

    I used to have, some years ago, Sonar 3 PE and Sound forge 6. every time I right-clicked on an audio clip sonar gave the option of editing it WITHIN SOUND FORGE (as if going to it, edit it and then close it and "come back" to the track view in sonar).

    now I have sonar 8 PE and SF 9 and I CAN'T DO IT! I can't find the way to use SF as my editing program within Sonar so I can edit and add effects to the clips (or to whole tracks).

    does anyone here know how to do it? I guess that, basically, what I want to do is to expand and add some more plug-ins to sonar rather than just the ones that came bundled in it. (is it really plug-ins or editing program? maybe it's not the same...)


    cheers mates
  2. hueseph

    hueseph Well-Known Member

    I had to check. I don't have Sonar or Sound Forge. Neither of my DAW software support this function. I remember when Cubase used to. I don't think this is an option anymore though. DAWs are just incorporating sound editing in their core software.
  3. musicman691

    musicman691 Guest

    Go to the Tools drop down menu and it should be there. It is on mine. There is a way to add it if it isn't there but don't remember what it is. Go to the Cakewalk Sonar forum and ask there or use the search engine to find the answer as to how to add it. If Cake's search engine doesn't work for you (sometimes it gives bogus info) search via Google and you should come up with the answer. I've been using Sonar since S3PE then to S5PE and finally to S8.3.1PE.
  4. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    thanks musicman, as it turns out I had already done it with a registry hack I got from the internet from a different forum, but it worked just fine!! the only thing I'm having doubts about is the fact that with sound forge you do destructive editing, which I guess means that everyth you do to the file permanently stays that way since you modified it... am I right?

  5. musicman691

    musicman691 Guest

    You are right.
    If all you want to do in Sonar is to add effects then you don't need Soundforge to do that. Now breaking up a track into clips and adding separate effects to each of the clips is something I've not done as I tend to work on tracks as a whole. You might want to ask over in the Cakewalk forums. We won't bite, I promise.

    As to adding plugins (instruments or effects) to Sonar - that's easy. Most of us use extra things that aren't bundled with the main program. Different eq's, reverbs, you name it. Basically you do an install of whatever plugin you want, you open Sonar's plugin manager, point it to where the plugin is (actually the plug's dll file) and have Sonar's plugin manager scan the folder. This may take a while if you have a large number of plugs. Then it will come up with multiple lists of the various plugs on your system that it scanned - dx, dxi, vst, vsti. Your job is to then add it to the appropriate menu accessed within that same plugin manager. And don't forget to save the plugin menu after you make the addition. Either restart the project being worked on or do what I do for safety's sake and just restart Sonar. Anything else just read the online help or ask over at the Sonar forums.
  6. ferchis

    ferchis Active Member

    thanks jack! btw, do you know where I could find plug ins to install and expand the amount of effects and etcs to sonar?

    I was looking for odd effects such as flangers, phasers, etc etc

  7. musicman691

    musicman691 Guest

    A good one-stop site is KVR at: NATIVE INSTRUMENTS : Home | Hardware and software for music producers, guitarists, sound designers and DJs.
    There's probably some freebies out there but these are the ones I use. Like I said, they're not just for guitars.

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