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Soundcraft Ghost

Discussion in 'Pro Audio Equipment' started by Mad John, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. Mad John

    Mad John Active Member

    I have been hereing very good things about the Ghost! I had made a mistake with purchaseing a Mackie 32 channel VLZ , but I am returning it for a full refund.

    I would consider getting one used (this is the 24 channel)

    Since I have great mic pres , I am not too concerned with the on board pre , but can anyone tell me how the Ghosts are?

    Thanks ,

    Mad John
    Zythum Studios

    "The present day Composer refuses to die!" - Edgar Varese - 1921
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    They seem to be a "musicians choice" beloved of self recording acts.

    V popular it seems.

    I have done good work on the 600 / 500 series Soundcraft but not the Ghost.

    I belive with some ext mic pre's you should be able to rock with it fine!

    I think if you dig around on the net hard you could find folks that might have tips on supercharging the power suply to be more efficient and thus improve the desks sound / noise floor..

  3. Mad John

    Mad John Active Member

    Thanks Jules! :w:
  4. erockerboy

    erockerboy Member

    Hey John,

    I would advise you to proceed with caution, especially if you are looking forward to the Ghost as a "step up" from your Mackie situation.

    (Dead Link Removed)

    FWIW, I *did* spend quite a bit of time trying to polish this particular turd. Among other things, I rebuilt the PSU, doubling the amperage and putting some super beefy filtering caps on it. In addition I ran a dedicated circuit to the studio with its own isolated ground and an Equitech balanced power unit. I re-capped the master section of the console. And after discovering that the channel PCB's in the Ghost were internally grounded to the chassis NOT with a proper ground wire, but THRU THE KNOB CASINGS (?!?), I went through the entire console and isolated every pot with a "condom" made of electrical tape to eliminate all of those #@$&ing ground loops, and then installed an internal star grounding system. In other words I've done everything I could think of to give this thing a fighting chance to sound good. The result? Well... it sounds OKAY. It's still noisy, it still has a perceptible hum on the 2-bus, it still has an irritating EFI hash in the background even with all inputs muted. I don't love it. But I'm getting work done. Whatever.

    If I had it to do over again, I'd buy a pair of 02R's or something. Seriously, I'm starting to think it takes a LOT more money to get an equivalent mixer in the analog domain.

    Good luck to you.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guests



    OK how about recomended second hand alternatives then - ON BUDGET!

    I suppose the lure is the 'better' EQ on the Soundcraft, but then it's nor too hard to beat the Mackie EQ - for rock music especialy..

  6. UTS

    UTS Guest


    I strongly suggest to have a look at the used console market. A Trident 65 fits your budget pretty well I think (you can get em for approximately 5K) - and they are definitely very nice consoles. I have 32/16/2 in my studio since last year and am very happy with it. A big step up sonically from a Mackie/Behringer/Soundcraft and built like a tank - cool looks too. They only drawback is that they may need some small repairs here and there, but when you figured that out you'll be a happy for a long time - such as me..


  7. Mad John

    Mad John Active Member

    Thank you all for the replys!

    Wow , I am really nervous about this Ghost! (hes creeping down the stairs now!)

    Eljolson , that was very informative reading others comments on the Soundcraft Ghost!

    Holy Hum Nut! :( (Scary music jolts , pan to frightened flapping bird in cage.)

    I got rid of my Mackie 32/4bus and all I have for survival purposes is a 1604.

    I need a great 24 channel board new or used in the 5k arena.

    The one thing is I can not be bogged down with (after an entire year of problems in 2001 with the 32 channel Mackie) connection weaknesses of cheap parts and most especially.....NOISES!

    This may be a rough search , but in any case I want to thank you all , you are really very helpful in this hellish search!

    Peace & Dreams

    Mad John
    Zythum Studios

    "The present day Composer refuses to die!" - Edgar Varese - 1921
  8. Mad John

    Mad John Active Member

    I spoke to a reputable saleman and asked about possible humming from the Ghost.

    He said the power supply really has to (in some cases) be moved away from the board.

    He had 1 such customer that had a humming delema from his board and it was solved by moveing the power supply in a different location!

    Just thought I would pass this on.

    Mad John
    Zythum Studios

    "The present day Composer refuses to die! - Edgar Varese - 1921
  9. coldsnow

    coldsnow Active Member

    I really like my Allen Heath GL2200 mixer. I use to own a VLZPRo as well and was going to pick up a used Ghost but two friends that had carried Soundcraft lines have found them to be really unreliable. I got the 24 channel version for 2K (they make more expensive versions as well). It has 4 band eq which really sounds similar to the Ghost to me. And has some extra channels (totally 30 with eq) to let you return auxes as well. Although I don't use the mic pre's (I also use external Neve's, Avalon etc) but I like them better than the Mackie's which I found to be brittle.
  10. meriphew

    meriphew Guest

    Mad John, how about this board? http://homerecording.com/bbs/showthread.php?s=eda3615d11ad1bb04c61b90b0ebaf96c&threadid=41450

  11. Mad John

    Mad John Active Member

    Yes , that is a nice board for sure , but a little expensive and it has been sold , but thanks!

    Mad John
    Zythum Studios

    "The present day Composer refuses to die! - Edgar Varese - 1921
  12. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Sold? No, it has not been sold. Please feel free to make an offer under $6600... I'm also open to any ideas of a partial trade or any other ideas one might have. If interested, please give me a call at the number below or simply e-mail.

    Thank You.

    Weston Ray
    Weston House Recording
    Orangevale/Sacramento, California
    United States
    (916) 987-6692
  13. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Looks cool...

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