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Soundelux U 195 vs. AT 4060 for vocals.

Discussion in 'Vocals' started by J-MADD, May 13, 2005.

  1. J-MADD

    J-MADD Active Member

    I am looking at both of these mics as my next purchase. I have absolutely no experience with tube mics (AT 4060). I have heard great things about both. As I have been told my voice is a bit brittle and soft, I am trying to find a mic for only doing vocals (rock).
    Just seeing what people think about these 2 mics in basically the same price catagory.

  2. shanabit

    shanabit Active Member

    U195 is an FET mic and the AT4060 is tube. U195 probably has similar characteristics as the AT4050 . If you want to hear the AT4060, grab a copy of Richard Marks latest album. Hes using the AT4060 through an Avalon 737sp. Im actually trying to decide between these two mics myself. Tough choice.
  3. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    It is not a simple question of which one is better because they are not able to be fairly compared. On top of that, what is best one day is not best everyday. The U195 is a real good mic. But many mic's have the same kind of sound as the U195 while much fewer mics have the sound of the 4060. I chose to buy the 4060 and I'm very glad I did.
  4. Johnson Cabasa

    Johnson Cabasa Active Member

    the u195 with it's fat and locut setttings is one of htemost versatile mics ive heard for 1000
  5. J-MADD

    J-MADD Active Member

    Thanks guys. Once again, at this point I am trying to figure out what my next mic purchase will be. As I have said in other posts, I currently use an AKG 414 uls and find it a bit brittle in the highs.


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