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Soundkitz AE-F Reflection filter?

Discussion in 'Recording' started by 8track, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. 8track

    8track Active Member

    I'm dealing with some issues with pretty bad reflections in my recording spot. I'm currently using a walk in closet to get most of my main songs down. The problem is I'm recording in a closet and the second problem is this closet isn't the best for recording in.

    I did did get some help before and got down to placing a few pieces of foam where I could fit it but the trouble is that I still need to use my closet space for non recording reasons so I can't go aurelex crazy in there. I have a good side of the space freed up so I can set my gear up in there but that's about as good as I can get it.

    So I don't have much room to play in. I've been researching my butt off these past few weeks getting getting some good tips on what might be able to help me out. I was recommend the Soundkitz AE-F on another forum where I asked the same question.

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    I did follow up on it and heard a lot of good feedback about it. So I'm hoping I can get some good results from it as well. My apartment is big enough for a walk in but the 3 other rooms in this place are even worse to deal with. This has been a frustrating battle to deal with this and my nagging wife every time she see's me hauling my gear around the apartment trying to setup a good spot.

    Trying to get some ideas on maybe this or other gear out that might help. SE Reflecxion filter is out of budget and I haven't heard to much good info about it except for it falling over. Other gear I checked out were the Auralex Mudgards but I don't like their design so much they look kind of restricting and I need a wider backing for my mic.

    Thnx, 8Track
  2. 8track

    8track Active Member

    I doubt anyone cares but for what it's worth I did end up buying the Soundkitz AE-F. I'm still using it in my recording setup and it has done its job well. Mostly I use it for mains and back up vocals with limited effects as I used to try to mask the screwed up ambience of my studio with help from my Mpx 500 but since I've been getting better vocals using it I haven't had the need to use those tricks. I'm no longer in the closet as I came out no pun intended but I'm actually recording in a studio my bud and I built back in Feb. Were' still getting most of the gear together but this thing has really done its part.

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