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Discussion in 'Recording' started by audiokid, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Anyone using Source-Connect / Source-Live

    Remote Recording over the web
    Broadcast from your studio

    Looks pretty cool for studio's wanting to broadcast high bandwidth mixes in real time. Ideal for online mixing and mastering services. Client can make judgment calls while they are at home and you are in your studio. Recording studios are able to stream the mix at 384 from what I understand.
    I don't know enough about it yet but its giving me idea's. Could possibly be a paid tutorial service we could add here for our mods or qualified engineers to help members mix better!

    Source Elements / Remote HD Recording for Audio Professionals

    Source Elements / Supported VST hosts

  2. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    I'm both a Source-Live and Source-Connect shop.

    It's everything you want, and need to transfer full res HD session files back and forth.

    AFAIK you can tie 8 2track sessions together with SourceConnect Pro... So far, I've only had need for single 2track connections for VO work.

    SourceLive is schweet stuff... I can mix live, and stream to a dozen (or more) folks and simply do a chat, Skype or traditional conference call... I can also send the stream to U-Stream and use their chat as well.

    I did a complete internet collaboration and final mix via SourceLive last year... it took far more than a couple of hours off the mix process, as folks could approve the mix from the beds to solo's and final automation, and get near real-time feedback. (The actual delay is about 5 seconds with >6 listeners... and about 3 seconds on a 1:1)

    What I really like is that you can use SourceConnect as a plug-in on any stereo channel-I/O combination that you can feed out to the real world.
  3. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    Very cool Max.

    I'll have to read through it all but if you could answer a few questions as they come to me I would really appreciate that!

    I'm looking at this for my personal studio and also for RO.
    Is this something we could use to help members with their mixes?

    Who pays, client side, broadcast side or both? What did it cost you for this? Its worth it yes but maybe not for?
  4. audiokid

    audiokid Staff

    More questions:)

    Any idea's on this service for us here?

    So basically, you connect your master out via a plugin and it splits or pulls your out (master out, 2-bus, or single stereo channel?) and feeds one to your monitor and one to the stream? Do you set the bandwidth on the plug-in? How do you set that? How does it sync this with the client, automatically?
  5. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    You're correct in that with SourceLive, it comes off the 2-bus and is split to their server. Once you connect to your host account, (less cost than you might think), you then set the broadcast connection quality on the upload side of their servers, and the client gets the stream as a quicktime stream, based upon the maximum upload you send. (Pretty slick, if you ask me.)

    If your client/listener cannot handle the downstream push, you can drop the upload resolution to better match what they can handle.

    You really do need better than DSL for decent connectivity. I'm 756 up, and can routinely push 256k broadcasts all night long.

    SourceConnect is the deal though... you connect the 2-bus to your digital I/O and route it to their servers. From there, if you have 2 or more HD rigs they can pass 2 tracks of audio (each way) in darn close to real time... <1 sec, and often less than 250mS.

    The host can set a client to send the actual hi-res (ex: 24/96) wav file... and in case of connection failure, the high res file will pick up at the last connection point and finish pulling it accross after the connection is restored.

    Supposedly, with SourceConnect as a stand alone, it will connect virtually any of the major DAW's together as well... but I haven't tried to connect to anyone that's running anything other than HD. So, it would really be something for their support to clarify.

    Which I really do want to mention... SourceElements support is EXCELLENT! Very helpful and very quick and efficient!

    However... as good $*^t ain't cheap, and cheap $*^t ain't always good as the rule... SourceConnect is rather pricey for Pro... almost $1k, and SourceLive boppin' in around $400-ish... it's definitely a pro-shop item... but for the convenience and quality... it's WELL worth the money.

    There are some standard modem configurations to secure connect to their servers, but nuttin' other than a couple of port fwd rules.

    AFA it being something useful for here... as a teaching tool... Oh yeah. As long as there are folks that have an account, "we" could log into a RO account, and broadcast out to members... which indeed is something I've been told to plan on doing... whether I want to or not... <sigh>

    (I guess this old man is gonna teach now...)

    I'd rather work than teach... but wth, right?

    OR... maybe what could work is that the folks who are indeed willing to do some teaching, that have SourceLive, could post up their schedules, and folks could listen in on sessions, or have "students" submit their files for "mix" to a pool, then pick one and work on it on a specific date, or set of dates.

    The uploaded files would need to be secured and scanned for virus'... or I'd be pretty reluctant to open the files... preferably, ProTools sessions for ease of giving the files BACK... but wav's could easily be handled as a regular import...

    Maybe do a Q/A between the engineer and submitter... and let folks listen in as they work through the questions/answers??

    It could be a lot of fun, a big PITA and everything in between....

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