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Speaker fuzz

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Jdtorres, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Jdtorres

    Jdtorres Active Member

    My yamaha hs50 monitors are producing a fuzz noise when my computer is on. The speakers are fine cuz they work when connected to my laptop through a pci express card. They are connected to a focusrite saffire pro 24. The noise gets louder when i scroll up and down web pages. I have everything plugged into a conditioner. Its not the interface cuz i replaced it with a new one out of the box to check and also switched the cable. I use both the firewire 400 port on the case and a pci card with 3 ports and changed the port to legacy and everything. I did just about everything possible but this fuzz is not going away. There is also a really high pitched ring thats annoying. These are the specs of the computer:

    -intel i5 2005k 3.3GHz
    -1.5 T HDD (7200rpm)
    -750 Watt Power supply
    -Asus P8Z68 motherboard
    -8 GB RAM

    please help. This is a major issue.

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