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Speaking of Digidesign...

Discussion in 'Recording' started by Art Houston, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. Art Houston

    Art Houston Active Member

    For my first home studio attempt, which is for the very limited purpose of recording my voice for VO auditions, I have been counseled to try Cool Edit Pro. The idea is to record the copy, make an mp3 file, and send it out. If I book the job, I'll go to a local studio and do an ISDN session.

    Now, I had this idea (from a place where I did a demo a couple of years ago) that I would eventually get a mac and run pro tools in my own ISDN studio, should I be fortunate enough to generate that kind of VO interest.

    After reading the thread here about the "pro tool monopoly" I'm not so sure I could justify the expense and upkeep of pro tools. I read several names that were mentioned in the thread, and to be honest, I know nothing about the other manufacturers.

    What would you use as the "next level" of software and equipment after I graduate from Cool Edit?
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    in your situation.....meaning you will be the operator and your not looking for something based on client needs (you are the client :)

    There are plenty of options out there....Dont let protools scare you away, alot of the numbers you see floating around are usualy referring to Mix systems and HD systems (can easily run $10+k)

    If you choose to go the protools rout (which I find very easy to operate) you can go with something as little as a Digi001 or an Mbox ($250-$600)...your needs certainly dont qualify the necesity of a TDM system.

    Another fine option out there is Neuendo although I am basing this comment on the opinions of others who speak highly of it. I think that package would run more in money than a Digi001 or Mbox though..
  3. falkon2

    falkon2 Well-Known Member

    For simple VO-ing, Cool Edit Pro will get you a long way. What to get after that would highly depend on what exactly you'd want your business to branch out to when you "graduate".
  4. Art Houston

    Art Houston Active Member

    This is how I explained what I envision in another thread:

    Aside from this little reverie, I'm not sure. Narrations? Sure. Industrials? I've already started to tap that market. AFTRA/SAG contracts for major clients with product exclusives? Sure, every announcer/actor would love that.

    Does this give you a better idea about software and equipment ideas for "down the road"?

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