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split projects: Nuendo AND ProTools

Discussion in 'Nuendo' started by MikeT99, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Hi all! I'm in need of some help. Here it goes:

    I'm doing a commercial album (children songs, well known here in Portugal), and I've done all preproduction at my home studio (PC WinXP pro, Nuendo, great, no probs). Voices were recorded at the editors studio (Mac, ProTools TDM, so-so pre (SPL Goldmike), great compressor (Summitt Audio), and again no probs) using a raw mix exported directly to stereo file, just for guiding vocal tracks.
    But now I want to move all preproduction to the PT rig for mixing with their great monitors/studio setup (I'm leaning towards the dynaudio bm5a, but have not yet bought them).
    And my question is: what is the best way to export/save my individual audio files out of nuendo? wav? aif? I'm crossing platforms (pc to mac). and is there a way to make exported files to know absolute timecode position, so when imported in PT they'll lay down like in the nuendo projects? Or is there a way to save a nuendo project in a way PT can open it to, at least, assign files to their respective timecode positions? Now I don't have vstis active, exported all to audio.

    Thanks!! If it turns out, and saves me a loooot of time, I would be more than happy to buy you guys a drink!
  2. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Hey, if you go from PC to Mac ProTools - stick WAV files. I don't
    think you can get Nuendo session into ProTools.
    I'd bounce each track on disk (no dither or anything else) from the
    beginning of the session. All the track audio files will start at the
    same time. When you import them in ProTools - just slide then to the beginning of the session.
    Another way could be: make each track a single audio file using a
    plug like "duplicate" in the ProTools, startitng at the same time.
    Then, again, import the files to ProTolls and slide to the start of
    the session. Good luck.
  3. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Thanks! I think I'll do just that, stick to .wav.
  4. geckormf

    geckormf Guest

    Easiest way is to <start> your project using broadcast wave - this timestamps the wav. Then you import the pool/drag in off CD and the files will align themselves. If you aren't using broadcast wav then bounce and do the same thing
  5. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    The $20 plugin TapeIt makes this much faster, and timestamps the audio. I don't know why it isn't wildly popular.
  6. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    ... never heard of it... where to buy?... who makes it? If it works, it'd be a must-have.

    By the way, I was thinking, PT doesn't open OMF files, does it?
  7. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    PTLE won't open OMF without the digitranslator ad-on. I had the idea it was standard with the bigger systems, in any event I'd expect the studio to have it. Won't print your plugins and stuff tho.

    TapeIt is here: (Dead Link Removed)

    Thinking about it, I thought you have the ability to render all tracks at once in Nuendo. Am I wrong about that?

    Anyhow, good luck.
  8. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Well, not sure about all tracks, but waht I'm doing (and it's saving me a lot of time) is exporting a total of 6 tracks at a time, each rendering an individual file - no great trick, just create a "bogus" 5.1 output (don't mind where it's going, just assign the tracks, you won't be listening through them), and you have a 6-bus instead of stereo bus. But... all the tracks? Remember I want to take the files track-by-track to the new studio, not a pre-mix of any kind.
    I'll check if they have digitranslator. It's a healthy editor label with a pro studio, but by now I realized they don't have "must" items like... "autotuners". Well, they've become a must...
  9. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    Yeah, if you're stuck doing the 5.1 trick, you're going to like TapeIt. Insert an instance on the end of each track, play the song once, and you're done.
  10. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    Stick to bouncing of files.. Make sure all tracks are bounced from the same start point. Then just import then to 0 in PT. theyll allign perfectly. (make sure both sessions have the same tempo.)

    If you must transfer OMF. Make sure you use OMF2, make sure you have no stereo files. (PT does not support true stereo). Even then you will be lucky to get all to work well within PT. PT's OMF implimentation is rather flaky, except sessions coming from their own Avid platforms.

    This is not a nuendo fault. Nuendo's OMF export will work flawless with most other major platforms. The best way of gettting sessions tranfered to PT, besides using bounce tracks, is to use an applet such as AV transfer, MM EDL etc.. Besides using customized macros within nuendo will make bounsing a snap!

    Check this forum out for some great help :


  11. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Eager to try TapeIt, but the link isn't working... Could you please give another "route" to that plug-in? And thanks for the tip!

    Thanks Sidhu for the OMF2 tip. Just a question: you state PT doesn't support true stereo. I've yet not imported my .wav (track) files, I'll do it tonight, but, just for guidance of the vocalists during recording I exported the whole songs to .wav stereo interlvd. , and PT imported it to stereo tracks (not splitting into dual mono). Maybe it's because I saved the cd as "audio cd"?... I'll be saving the cd's with track files as data cd.
  12. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    For TapeIt, just go to silverspike's website (http://www.silverspike.com). I don't actually work for them or anything, just find the plugin useful. I don't know why more folks don't use it -- on my system, it's flawless, and I use it instead of 'freeze' all the time.
  13. VulcanDC

    VulcanDC Active Member

    for a quick mixdown and individual track exports tapeit vst works great.... however for your current requirement broadcast wave would be ideal...

    my two cents.... :)

  14. Sidhu

    Sidhu Active Member

    PT's stero tracks are dual mono tracks. They just look like stereo. Look in the region list. You will see two wave files 'xyz L' and 'xyz R' (you might need to expand the file name). Enlarge the stereo track to medium or large. You can even move the left or right channels independently of each other.

  15. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    ok, now i've got tapeit. Great little thing, don't realize how it's not widely known! Thanks all for the input!

    For a really dumb question: i've exported all my files as broa.wav (some as aiff for experience) and the studio mac won't even open the cd (recorded in my home pc). Man... close superdrive, open superdrive, close superdrive, open superdrive...
  16. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    Nice. Glad tapeit worked, anyhow. The disc thing, I don't know about. I usually move projects around on portable HDs, and seem to have no trouble going from pc to mac and back.
  17. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    I'm growing fond of TapeIt, but, not dismissing the chance that I'm missing something, I have a kind of complaint: I can insert several instances of Tapeit, but, prior to start playing back the song, I have to manually hit record on wich and every one of them. Although it represents no fuss with tracks that start at the beggining of the project, it's allways time-consuming to edit the files later. This is an even greater issue with tracks that appear only in the middle of the song (I loose reference to where to place the files, and it takes time to do the editing). But a significant advantage is, of course, you only need tu run the song once!
    Maybe I'm missing that little covered up button that says: auto-rec enable... Nevertheless, great plug and tip!
  18. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    You may have already figured it out, I'm not sure from your post, but you can set each instance of tapeit to begin recording when you start playback. You basically 'arm' each instance -- don't have the plugin in front of me, but I think you hit the 'play' button before the 'record' button or something like that.

    If you do that for every track, including the ones that just have bits in the middle of the song, you'll end up with as many wav files as you have tracks, all the exact same length. Easy export to another system.

    For re-importing into nuendo, it's a little stupid. You first have to get each .wav into the pool, and then from the pool select the .wav and hit 'insert at origin.' Since the .wav's are timestamped, they'll insert at the exact right spot.

    The easiest way to get the .wavs into the pool I leave to your judgment. I find it easiest to drag the .wavs from tapeit into an empty track, not bothering to try and line them up in time, and then deleting them from the project. Then I go find them in the pool, and reinsert them at origin.
  19. MikeT99

    MikeT99 Active Member

    Man, I feel dumb!!.... No, I hadn't figure it, thanks! And I did read the help file... well, in a hurry... Many thanks!

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