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    Per last post in the Stairway Mix thread I've settled on a mix for this particular vocalist. The unmastered 24 bit .wav file for that is here:

    So I've "Mastered it" My process following the recommendations in this thread was:
    1. 24 Bit Wav loaded into Reaper
    2. EQ1
    3. EQ2
    4. Multi-Band Comp
    5. Fab Filter Limiter
    6. various meters
    Rendered into 24 bit Wav as a Master Mix at null position on Master Bus - File can be DL'd here:

    It produced the following measurements for me:
    1 - MasterStairwayMPV9-1: -13.3 LUFS, Range: 14.9 LU, True peak: 0.3 dBTP, Max short-term: -6LUFS, Max momentary -3.7 LUFS

    Same Master as 16Bit wav w/ dithering/noise shaping is here:

    The same Master rendered as an MP3 is uploaded here locally. Note Quality at VBR is 80% due to file size limitation

    How does this process sound and how does this Master attempt sound considering the process? Am I in the ballpark or compliant with respect to loudness etc? Many Thanks



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    I have noticed that a couple elements of the mix that I like didn't quite carry over to the master - the recorder parts are too loud and there's a bit of a boost to the mids that's a bit too much. Not sure if this was the mastering EQ, or the multi-band compression, or just a consequence of the increased gain on the limiter. I'll compare and see if I can get a better V2 master that's more in keeping with the original mix.

    Made some adjustments to the mix and on the master I added another band to the multi-band comp which gave me more more options in the mids. The new mix (pre-master) is available on request:



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    I decided I really didn't like what the mastered song was sounding like - some of that was the mix itself so I went back in a remixed. I tried to preserve the gentleness of the song and eliminate what I thought were some of the more harsh and piercing elements of my mix & master. The result (the newest mix) was much more true to the original Stairway mix. When I came back to mastering I simplified the process. I eliminated 1 EQ and also the multi-band compression that I used and I changed my limiter settings in such a way as to make the master less punchy - keeping it much more transparent and true to the mix. I think the result is much better and easier to listen to without the fatigue I was getting. I also made sure to compare/contrast with the original Zeppelin master during this process and that served me well. So today at least I'm feeling pretty good about this one.

    1. EQ1 (T-Racks CS Classic EQ)
    2. Fab Filter Pro L (lookahead .49ms, attack 259.1ms, release 440 ms - gain +18.4)
    3. Various Meters
    1 - MasterStairwayMPV12b: -12.5 LUFS, Range: 16.0 LU, True peak: -0.5 dBTP

    Here's a compressed MP3 of the master:


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