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static from hats mic

Discussion in 'Recording' started by mugtastic, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    hi folks - ran into a strange problem.

    recently simplified my drum recording setup (down to 2 dynamics snare and kick, 2 condensers on 2 toms and one large condenser for the room, but focused on the ride).

    i wasn't getting enough hi-hat so i stuck a 57 over there (i like less sizzle from hats than a condenser provides).

    because of a lack of inputs on my motu ultralite, i used the cable from my vocal mic.

    i'm getting static when the hats are being played (seems to build up after a few seconds) but don't get any when i plug the strip back into the vocal mic (which is a condenser).

    i tried a diff mic on the hats, changed the cable - no difference. also turned off the phantom power when going to the 57.

    the channel strip is mic -> fmr rnp (with the matching fmr compressor inserted) -> dbx eq -> motu -> macbook running ableton live.

    any ideas? thanks for any help.
  2. nmrecording

    nmrecording Active Member

    my guess is the gain is too high or with the additional of the highhat, theres too much of a certain treble frequency thats clipping the sound as whole.

    Try eq'ing the highhat down at 10k (ish) range down a tad and see if it clears up. try looking at a spectrum analyzer to see if ur peaking a certain frequency

    you might want to eq down the treble of some of bass n mid range drums to clean up the cymbol highs.

    remember to accentuate the sweet spot of each instrumen/drum piece to blend and clean up sound
  3. nmrecording

    nmrecording Active Member

    thought about it some more and could be the buffer too. if buffer is too low itll clip the highs n low thuds easier. maybe u had enough buffer for x instruments but not x+1, increasing the buffer could clear up as well, some things 2 try
  4. mugtastic

    mugtastic Active Member

    thanks for the help. it wasn't clipping or buffer and the problem hasn't happened since that one time.

    it really sounded like actual static. the one thing i didn't try was putting the vocal mic (which didn't have static) on the hats to see if it would create the problem.

    if it is possible for a static or electric charge to corrupt an input signal, is there a way to eliminate it? like an audio dryer sheet?

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