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    As a public service, here's a roundup of some of the various plug manufacturers and what they are doing:

    As of January 2016, Waves will no longer support TDM on versions 9.6 or later.

    Waves is offering their Mercury Bundle for $1499.00 per year, or for $149.99 per month. The Waves Update Plan is not needed for this bundle in order to receive support or new plugs that are developed in the future.

    If you haven't updated your IK Multimedia account for awhile, you should download and install the newest version of Custom Shop. The good news is that when you do, you'll get 10 day fully functioning trials again on all the plugs you may have tried in the past before the CS update, as well as some newer T-Racks and G-Racks plugs and amp sims that have come out recently, so you might wanna check it out.

    Slate is now offering their "Everything Bundle" for $179.99 per year, or, you can opt to pay this in increments of $14.99 per month. This bundle includes the VMR ( Virtual Mix Rack) which is a 500 Series type of GUI, it includes all their 500 Series plugs, ( as well as any new plugs they come out with in the future, FOC) their VTM (Virtual Tape Machine), the VCC ( Virtual Console Collection), the VBC ( Virtual Bus Compressor Rack), which includes 3 distinct vintage style compressors/limiters; The Scuffham S-Gear Guitar Amp, and the Slate Mastering Rack, which is more modern.
    New/recent additions to the Slate collection include the Blue and Blue Stripe Series of 1176's, A Neve-style 1073 preamp, and a Telefunken-style mic preamp. A Distressor plug is coming soon, along with a collection of famous delays, and a collection of famous reverbs. All are included ( when they are finished and released) for active subscribers. FOC.
    This bundle does not include Slate Drums (SSD4), or any processors that require Slate Hardware to operate, such as the Raven Console, or the Virtual Mic System.

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    It's funny you mention this I happen to have just done that last week in preparation for my new system.

    Audio deluxe has izotope production bundle 2, for a rediculous 423$ on sale right now. Not sure for how long. I grabbed it. It has ozone 7 advanced, and two other full version of pluggin nectar production plug, nuetrik advanced, vocal synth (which I'm super excited about) and another two, and some other plugs.

    Really an exciting and creative set that I'm looking forward to using. At $423 it's an absolute steal.

    It's cool cuz ozone advanced has the codec preveiw, and allows you to use the plugins individually do it really really makes it a versatile purchase.

    Izotope allows you to install on all your computers w the same license, and has no subscription fees or maintenence crap. Just the upgrade price if you choose to upgrade when a new version comes out.

    Also worthy of note- avid released protools HD as a standalone product ($2500) so you don't need to buy their hardware/cards to get the software anymore.

    It comes as a perpetual license, and includes a year of upgrades. After the year you have to have an upgrade plan (annual) or you ride your version as long as possible and buy another license when u wanna upgrade. It's either/or, there's no 'jumping in'.

    Fxpansion has also merged with a other company, no changes currently to their licensing or purchase policies.
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    Here's an SOS vid from slate audio about their new plugins

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    The skinny on avid. They're creeping into object based editing....

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