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stereo vs. mono mic'ing

Discussion in 'Recording' started by fourone3, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. fourone3

    fourone3 Active Member

    I recorded a group of people singing a Christmas carol last season. I used 2 mics (L and R). The person that did this with me recommended setting each mic to a stereo channel. What's the advantage of that vs. a mono track for each mic?

    I just don't get it :?
  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that makes no sense.
  3. Ballz

    Ballz Guest

    One could only assume they meant to pan them hard Left and Right on a stereo track.
  4. In Nuendo 2.0, for example, any stereo effects set up on a mono track become monaural as well, so even mono source material has to be recorded on a stereo track if you hope to benefit from, say, stereo reverbs later.
  5. fourone3

    fourone3 Active Member

    It certainly didn't make sense to me at the time and I'm glad I remembered to ask about it here.

    patrick_like_static: You're saying that you have to record a mono source onto a stereo track to take advantage of stereo effects ... explain if you could. Is that only in Nuendo, or for most programs?
  6. Rider

    Rider Guest

    from what it sounds like.. if the signals mono the reverb will be mono, which usually isnt the case. in logic when you have your 'effects chain' when you select an effect you can chose mono->mono or mono=>stereo which automatically processes the mono track as stereo through the effect (think going into a boss pedal that has stereo out).

    and it sounds like he was suggesting feeding them as left and right so the 2 mics dont come out mono (which would defeat the purpose of 2 mics in the first place no?)

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