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STEVE or whomever may remember this,,,,

Discussion in 'Computing' started by Opus2000, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Due to the OS limitations of Win98 it can not record 24 bit audio files...does anyone know where there is a link to fully describe this issue or know what it is that does not permit 98 to do so? I know that you cant but I cant remember or cant find where I read it in full description!
    Thanks Guys!!
  2. knightfly

    knightfly Active Member

    Hey Opus - Long time no hair... Don't know if you remember my post where I (semi) referred to my interesting view - of things flying past, like tractors, cows, etc. - Well, guess what? Been running on generator power since the 7th, have no idea when it'll end. Guess next time I ask for a bad-ass blow job I'll hafta be a LOT more specific...

    Anyhoozitz, what the hell you talkin' about 24-bit limit ? I've been recording 32 bit files from Samplitude into a Win98 (first edition) DAW with a P-2 450 for the last 2 years. Comes into DSP Factory as 20 bit, tell Samplitude to work in 32 float, stays that way til you burn a CD, then you choose what kind of dither, etc, - Main reason I'm semi-sure on this is the time Win Explorer scared the **** outa me on file size - pulled up a list of files on a Samp project, and the WAV files were freakin' huge ! Did the math (always easier to come up with a theory AFTER you actually have some FACTS) and I came up with 10 MB per track minute @ 44.1 !!

    Now, if you mean the Windows Media Player, then could be - I jokingly double-clicked on one of the Samplitude files I had just been listening to in Samp., and WMP (98) grimly informed me that when I gave it a "real" WAV file, it would begrudgingly get off its worthless ass and try to play it for me...

    Other than that, I'll probably be a little scarce around here for a few more days, til the local electron salesmen get their "hose" filled up again and I can stop having to wear earplugs while I type. At least, I can still use the phone to harrass idiot salesmen into finding out what I DON'T already know, instead of taking MY nickel(s) to talk about $*^t I've already thrashed to death - Please, GOA, (God-Of-Audio) find me a way to connect at least 8 channels of 2496 between a DM-24 and a DAW (that doesn't cost more than the DM-24) I know I've been bad, but I'm doin' better than some of those other dudes with part Polish blood - at least I know to buy half of the nails with the heads on the other end... (reason it took so long to rebuild Warsaw)

    Gotta go, Generac needs more "liquid electrons" - Man, that stuff smells so bad I bet there ain't a "chaser" made that'll kill the taste... Steve

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