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audio Strange Audio phenomenon

Discussion in 'Fix This MIX!' started by king_and1, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. king_and1

    king_and1 Active Member

    Hi , guys & welcome to my first Post in this Forum!

    i´ve got a little bit strange question for you guys :D

    so whats the matter?

    i´ve recognized some strange things going on with my music , playing it with any mp3player with a special AUX cable. (It´s damaged , so that´s why it´s special :D)
    You know , sometimes if cables don´t went right inside , cause of movement or whatever, The track suddenly changes to a perfect , clear INSTRUMENTAL oO!!!!
    Like someone just muted the vocal section in a DAW.
    Sometimes the bass and kick cut´s out perfectly and there´s only a clear & nice melody.

    I´am really confused about what´s going on there ?

    And i also think , if this happens just because of some broken cable , this could be done by a person himself to any track , or way he wants it to be .

    So do you guys know , what´s happening there ?
    And maybe also how it can be reproduced ?

    I´m heading for your response guys !
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    what you are experiencing is phase cancellation. this is exactly how a vocal eliminator works. something is causing the l/r tracks to be summed with a reversal in polarity ... the fix is to get a new cable.

    rock on .. k
  3. king_and1

    king_and1 Active Member

    Well , firstly thanks 4 this reply.

    i knew this method of "phase cancellation" . But i´ve never comed across somethink clear like this. Do you know some good programs,plugins,vsti´s which could afford such a result ?

    And yeah , i already got a new cable ;D but i´m still playing around with this broken one to understand whats happening there x))
  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    most daws have a vocal eliminator plug. i have a free copy of audacity in my linux system and it has a vox eliminator .. check your DAW ...

    in the old days i used to flip one side of two stereo tracks (L/R) and then sum them to mono ... presto, vx eliminator.

    it works this way ... instyrments like bass kick drum vocal are usually recorded in mono and placed right down the center of a stereo mix. when you flip phase any mono signal will be canceled while the stereo infomation will be left albeit out of phase with each other.

    another example is the Hass effect where you take the positive wire from the left speaker send of an amp and hook it to the positive terminal of a speaker. then you take the negative wire from the right speaker send and hook it to the negative terminal of the same speaker. when you play back you will get nothing but the ambient information out of the speaker... usually mostly the reverbs. in the old days we would do this while also running a separate set of main l/r speakers in the front of the room and placing the reverb speaker in the rear of the room to get 3 channel "fake-o surround sound".
  5. bouldersound

    bouldersound Real guitars are for old people. Well-Known Member

    Your "special" cable has the ground lifted from the connector at the MP3 player end but still common to the two RCA or 1/4" connectors at the other end. There is voltage still applied across the L+ and R+ contacts, but with the lifted ground it is a difference channel, left minus right. The original Dolby Surround (before Dolby Pro Logic, before Dolby Digital) was just that, the rear speakers connected in series across the + terminals of left and right.

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