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Strange Mixer Goings On

Discussion in 'Recording' started by cusebassman, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. cusebassman

    cusebassman Active Member

    So, I purchased a Yamaha MG32 mixer a couple weeks ago, and it works fine and sounds pretty damn good with the multitrack recorder and mics and pres I have... However, I am putting on a mixed show in a couple weeks (half acoustic performance, half dance-music). I ran the stereo output of both my iPod and my powerBook (one after the other to test) into two XLR connections on the board, and then tried the same running the stereo to two 1/4" inputs on two channels of the board. In both cases, the Left channel was much softer than the Right. To try and see if it was my output to the board, I swapped the inputs, and it still had the same imbalance (L lower than R). So, it isn't the specific inputs on the board that is the problem, nor is it the sound source, since it balances out completely if I throw the two channels into pre-fader listen mode.... so, it must be something going on with the internal processing of these two channels of audio. I can't seem to find any place that is causing the imbalance settings-wise. I have tried multiple songs, made sure the balance coming out of the player is correct, and that the inputs on the board matched in settings. Hell, I even tried running the stereo source into the 2-channel input, and after adjusting the gain, it still had the L/R imbalance, and there are no settings other than output volume on the 2-track input! Just curious if anyone has ever had this odd, random problem with any mixer before... Thanks!
  2. cusebassman

    cusebassman Active Member

    Man, I love the people I work with sometimes. This is as much my error as anyone elses, but someone had hooked up a dual 15-band graphic EQ to the inserts on the main output L and R, and one of the gain knobs was turned up far higher than the other. Well, that problem solved.

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