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  1. jazzbass12

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    Hi All,
    I am using Strings (Synth) and Hammond for keys. Should I place my Strings as a stero track panned L and R or should I bounce to a single mono track and pan to left and Hammond of to right (not far L-R but to taste).
    Any opinions as to what might sound best or work best for the rest of my tracks to sit right.

    As usual, THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. white swan

    white swan Guest

    While there may be no right or wrong in audio, if you pan all your strings hard to one side, it will certainly sound unusual. And perhaps uncomfortable to most listeners. If you want to move them a little off center, try keeping them stereo, but using panning one side a little towards center (for example: Left-100, Right+60).

    Another way of creating room in the center of the mix (that works particularly well with synth strings)is to use a stereo enhancer box or plug-in that spreads the sound to the extreme L&R while seemingly removing it from the middle.
  3. AudioGaff

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    How can we know what is going to work best for you when we have not heard your tracks or your song, or know what it is your trying to achieve? In the time it takes to ask and get an answer you could of tried every possible combo and came to some conclusions for yourself. What is best depends on the musical statement your trying to make and how it best serves the song. For every possible variation you can come up with, make a list of pro's and con's. Proceed as logical from there.
  4. jazzbass12

    jazzbass12 Active Member

    I was just asking for input on what others have tried. Based on one response, I must of asked a ignorant question.
  5. dullum

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    There is no such thing as an ignorant question. AudioGaff was not in class the day that lesson was taught.

    His point about experimentation, however, is on the mark. Just as no question is ignorant, no string panning setting is right or wrong--judged only by your ears. Trust yourself and try anything.

    White Swan makes a good sugestion. Also, are your strings an ambient effect or are they center stage? I often hear ambient strings mixed too loudly. Pay as much attention to the fader as to the pan.
  6. UncleBob58

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    Are you doing a string pad (one MIDI track/one sound) or are you doing separate parts?

    If it's a pad mix everything else in first and then find out where it would sit best in the mix.

    If it's individual parts try panning them according to the traditional orchestral positions. One version is:

    Left * Cellos - Contrabasses * Right
    Left * 1st violin - 2nd violin - violas * Right

    The more classical approach is to put the cellos on the far right next to the violas with the basses behind and between the violas and cellos.

    BTW, doing individual sections with different patches/samples will sound more realistic.


    Uncle Bob


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