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studio equipement

Discussion in 'Recording' started by ScruffMcduff, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. ScruffMcduff

    ScruffMcduff Active Member

    so I may be coming across 20 to 30 thousand dollars from a lawsuit from being hit by a drunk driver and I want to start up a professional business studio doing music, voice overs, jingles, and I would to also do field recording because I live in Utah and we have sundance here and that could have a lot of business here. I see ads on craigslist all the time for that. the question is what equipment should I get??
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member


    Take a few of thousand and buy a decent interface, laptop, a set of good monitors and a few good mics. Add Studio One V2 software and then take the balance of your cash 16 /17 G's and buy gold and silver.

    The recording business is a dieing dog. 30 thousand is NOT enough to start a studio that could survive.

    There's an old saying; Do you know how to get a million dollars in the recording business? Start with 2 million.

    please, someone, anyone, JUST SHOOT ME!
  3. ScruffMcduff

    ScruffMcduff Active Member

    already have a good computer.

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