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Studio set up help

Discussion in 'Recording' started by drumbanger, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. drumbanger

    drumbanger Active Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to recording and looking for help with how to set up my system. I guess I should start with listing the equipment I've accumilated over the past few months.

    M Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R USB, BBE 382i, Behringer SX2442 FX, Behringer X1222USB FX, Behringer FBQ 1502 EQ, Behringer FBQ 2496 Feed Back Destroyer, Behringer HA4700 Head Phone amp, Behringer MDX 1600 Compressor, Furman Power Conditioner.
    Crown amp, Peavey P215 Speakers. Running Reaper on a 1.6 Ghz Dual Core processor.

    I'd like to sub mix my drums through the SX2442. I know the Behringer stuff isn't the best, but I have to try.

    Could someone tell me the best way to link all this together, I know I'm asking alot and will apreciate any help recieved.
  2. DjMarch

    DjMarch Active Member

    Do you want to sub mix the drums to free up some channels on the interface? If so I would suggest that you connect your 4 sub group outputs froom the SX2442FX to the first four inputs on your interface. If you want to completely sub mix the drums down to stereo, just assign the drum mic channels on the SX2442FX to sub groups 1 & 2. If I were you though, I'd use 4 channels for the drums - Kick, Snare + sub mixed overheads & toms ( 2 channels L+R ) that way you still have some control over the mix when you get it into your DAW.
  3. drumbanger

    drumbanger Active Member

    Thanks that helps a lot. I'm using EV PL drum mics on toms, bass and snare. For overheads I have a few choices, CAD CM217's MXL 990's EV Cobalt4's or 7's. I bought the CM217's because they have a high pass filter built in, which I thought might be a good option. Any suggestions or opinions on these lower budget mics? Also any help on utilizing the other equipment I listed would be great. My goal is to be able to record drums, bass, guitar, vocals and keys at the same time. Thanks much!
  4. assemblethelight

    assemblethelight Active Member

    What are your computer specs? What is your RAM capacity compared to what you have installed now?

    Dual Core Intel T series, i series, or AMD?

    Do you have a Expresscard on laptop or PCI-E slot on the computer available?

    You can get a UAD card to insert in your PCI-E or Expresscard to take alot of load off the computer processor. Also you get the top of the line plug-ins.
  5. assemblethelight

    assemblethelight Active Member

    I think you have a decent amount of external gear for starters. I would practice a lot of mixing techniques. Then upgrade to higher-end quality interfaces like Focusrite, MOTU, RME, and Presonus.

    For practice you have all you need. I normally mix my drums first.

    I also use Reaper, great DAW. I send all drum tracks to a bus compressor which is easy on Reaper. That way they sound tight and together.

    The Snare: I EQ to taste, then compress with Reaper RealComp, then i add a Plate reverb, then i Gate it hard.

    I use Time Delayer on cymbals to give it a 3D sound. Reaper TimeDelayer. Double the cymbal tracks. Pan one hard left, the other hard right. set left to -3 and right to 6.

    Personally, i am still learning the kick drum so i will not share wisdom there ha.
  6. drumbanger

    drumbanger Active Member

    Wow looks like I have a lot to learn about computers as well. The computer I have has an AMD Athlon II X2 250u 1.6GHz processor with 4GB DDR2. I don't know what a PCI-E slot is, thanks for your help.
  7. drumbanger

    drumbanger Active Member

    I listened to one of your recordings on another forum here. I thouht it sounded great. Thanks for your advice, I have a long way to go to get the results I heard from you.
  8. drumbanger

    drumbanger Active Member

    I figured out the PCI-E slot, I have 4, also the RAM capacity is 8GB which I will be upgrading too shortly.
  9. assemblethelight

    assemblethelight Active Member

    Sweet, thanks for taking a listen to one of my mixes.

    Your computer specs are cutting it close but you are in luck if you are willing to spend the money. You can buy the UAD-2 card(s) and take a lot of load off you computer 1.6 CPU.

    Max your RAM out and 8GB should be enough.

    "crap in, crap out" If you record a bad track, there is no fixing it.

    Interface: I am not sure if the Fast Track Ultra is decent but i would eventually upgrade to a Focusrite Scarlett for your needs as a starter because they have the best preamps

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